Apple Stores go green in advance of Earth Day

Apple Stores go green in advance of Earth Day


Apple Store
Environmental concerns have been a big theme during Tim Cook's reign at Apple.
Photo: Apple

One week before Earth Day, Apple has changed its iconic one color logo to a green-leafed one at select Apple Stores — echoing Apple’s goal under Tim Cook of leaving the world a better place.

Retail staff will also be rocking special green shirts for the week — celebrating the fact that select brick-and-mortar retail stores belonging to Apple now run on renewable energy.

Along with the fight for encryption, environmental concerns have been a big theme of Cook’s leadership at Apple. During last month’s keynote event, he brought Lisa Jackson, Apple’s head of environment, out on stage to talk about Apple’s efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

Recently the company also introduced new iOS wallpapers to celebrate the commitment to “going green,” while Apple’s brick-and-mortar retail stores have made the move of ditching its iconic plastic bags for paper ones: a change which goes into effect today.

Last year, Pharrell Williams staged a concert for Apple employees in Cupertino to mark Earth Day. I wonder if Cook has any plans to get his groove on for a second time with a similar concert this year?