Apple Store Logos Go Green For Earth Day


Apple's Nanjing East Retail Store in Shanghai celebrates Earth Day (Credit: Znnina)
Apple's Nanjing East Retail Store in Shanghai celebrates Earth Day (Credit: Znnina)

To celebrate the fact that April 22 is Earth Day, Apple has updated its logo to include a green leaf, as seen in the above picture of Apple’s giant Nanjing East retail store in Shanghai.

2014 is the first time in eight years that Apple has celebrated Earth Day. In addition to the revised logo, Apple will also give employes at selected stores special Earth Day shirts to wear. A special event is additionally planned to take place in Cupertino.

Under Tim Cook, environmental trends are being emphasized by Apple more than they ever were under Steve Jobs.

Apple’s new “Better” ad campaign highlights the company’s efforts to lower its carbon footprint, while a new video shows how the company’s forthcoming Apple 2 campus will take advantage of the latest developments in natural ventilation, renewable energy, trees regrowth, and other revolutionary tech.

Apple has also launched a mini-site to detail its work with regards to the environment.

Tim Cook has previously spoken about how he wants Apple to be a “force for good” in the world.

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  • Michael Hsu

    Throughout history, rulers have always started out as a “force for good”, until people start disagreeing with them wrt what the definition of “good” is. Then, they let ideology cloud their judgment, and start eliminating all opposition. (That’s what happened with Mao / Stalin / Pol Pot / Fidel.) Fortunately, the enviro-leftists in Cupertino are not like this… or are they? There are already documented cases of campaign donors being harassed because they donated to some opposing campaign – some of them even losing their jobs and livelihood for exercising their 1st amendment rights.