Eddy Cue is a baller with Apple Watch and Golden State Warriors championship ring


Eddy Cue couldn't look any happier if Apple had just announced record earnings. Oh, wait.
Photo: Eddy Cue/Twitter

It’s no secret that Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue is a massive basketball fan, with an office full of Duke memorabilia, and sightings at various NBA games over the years.

Which probably explains why he looks quite as ecstatically happy as he does to be rocking a Golden State Warriors’ championship ring in a new photo posted to his Twitter feed, following yesterday’s award ceremony for the new NBA champions 2015-2016.

With the title “NBA Champs! Go Dubs! #Warriors,” Cue’s tweet shows him on court, along with an unidentified female also wearing a stainless steel Apple Watch.

The Warriors have been one of the hottest tickets in town this season, with other visiting tech luminaries spotted at games including Square founder Jack Dorsey. In a piece of great timing, Apple recently debuted two new iPhone 6s ads, showing Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry shooting hoops.

The 2015-2016 championship rings include more than 6 carats of diamonds and sapphires, 90+ grams of 14-karat gold; a depiction of Oracle Arena’s architecture, as viewed at roof level; the numbers 1975 and 2015, representing the team’s NBA championship years in the Bay Area; and far more unique details.

Could there be a custom Apple Watch Edition in the team’s future? Hey, I’m guessing Cue wouldn’t be against it if it means hanging out with the team some more.

You can watch the Golden State Warriors’ NBA Championship Ring presentation ceremony below:

Source: Twitter