Eddy Cue gives LeBron the business during NBA Finals


Eddy Cue isn't cheering for Lebron this year.
Eddy Cue isn't cheering for Lebron this year.
Photo: USA Today

The NBA Finals started last night, with LeBron James taking to the court in search of yet another championship ring. His team is taking on the Silicon Valley Golden State Warriors and, while Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue was all too happy to cheer on LeBron during the last two NBA championships, this year he’s defected to the home team — and giving King James hell.

Cue, who is a huge basketball fan with an office full of Duke memorabilia, sat courtside during last night’s game. He was spotted rocking an Apple Watch while giving LeBron the business during the Cavs’ overtime loss to Steph Curry’s Warriors.

Now that the Warriors are the hottest sports ticket in town, tech luminaries from across the San Francisco Bay area are flocking to the Oracle arena to cheer on their local hoop stars.

Square founder Jack Dorsey has been spotted at games, and was dubbed “the man of the people” because he sat one or two rows back from courtside. No Tim Cook sightings yet, but maybe he’ll make an appearance when the Warriors clinch the series during Game 4.

Via: Nick Waters