Shanghai company creates a golden Steve Jobs bust to inspire its workers


Steve Jobs was anything but a bust as CEO.
Steve Jobs was anything but a bust as CEO.
Photo: China News

Steve Jobs passed away almost four years ago, and people are still unveiling tributes to Apple’s late co-founder.

The latest is from a Shanghai company that created a gold bust of Jobs to greet employees as they sign in for work each day. The idea behind it is reportedly to “[inspire] in employees Jobs’s insistence on finding the best way to do something.”

Like sign in to work, presumably.

It’s hard to disagree with the sentiment, although judging from Jobs’ lack of sentimentality and hero worship, I’m not sure quite how he’d feel about being turned into a statue to inspire people (particularly at a non-Apple company). Surely a respectful Jobs bust should be made out of aluminum, too?

With that said, it’s not the only example we’ve seen of Steve Jobs monuments — and, when you consider its predecessors, it may actually be one of the more tasteful. Take, for instance, this statue designed by Hungarian software maker Gabor Bojar, who paid tribute to Apple’s legendary CEO by making him look like a Roswell alien.

Or how about the grotesque totem from Belgrade, Serbia, that showed Jobs’ decapitated head on a post, but was still intended as a loving tribute?

Then there was the Russian monument that was later torn down by homophobes after Tim Cook came out as gay.

On balance, maybe we’re better off simply settling for a Steve Jobs pizza.

Via: Quqrtz