Check Out The Making Of This Terrifying (But Awesome) Bronze Steve Jobs Statue [Gallery]



In my opinion, this statue designed by Hungarian software maker Gabor Bojar is absolutely petrifying, but there’s no doubt that the photo gallery of its construction first posted by the International Business Times is beautifully shot and captivating. We’ve got more images of this bronze Steve Jobs statue after the jump, including an amazing one of Steve Jobs getting his neck welded shut.

You can see even more pictures of the statue’s creation over at IBT.

  • FriarNurgle

    Leonardo Da Vinci is not impressed.

  • Dilbert A


  • Mike Pisino

    Horrible.  Is that finished?  And it really looks nothing like steve in the final shot.  Also, why would the sculptor pick this image, as the 4 alien fingers doesn’t really represent anything worthwhile or timeless.

  • Len Williams

    This is Steve as a Terminator–badly disguised as our friendly benevolent leader to gain our trust, then turn on us in a murderous rampage. The horror!! I’m hoping the sculptor will refine his work so that it looks more like Steve and not some evil conquering robot. That pose with the raised hand and the extended fingers are grotesque. Maybe he didn’t like Steve.

    Ah, I just got it. The raised hand is symbolic of the robot about to remove his false “Steve” face just before going postal on all of us.

  • prof_peabody

    In all fairness, sculpture like this is meant to be a “sketch” not a realistic one-for-one representation of the model.  I find it pretty uninspiring overall, but the sketchy/blobby style has nothing to do with it and is irrelevant in determining it’s quality (or lack thereof).  

    This is essentially the same (faulty) critique made of the “impressionists” when modern art emerged at the beginning of the last century. Accurate representation of a model is not “art,” and the degree of quality of said “art” is not dependant on the degree of accuracy of the representation.  

    If you want to keep your “disguise” (and not let everyone know how clueless you are about art in general), I would refrain from making this criticism in future.

  • MichaelAhlers

    Let him go, people.

  • John

    Just because you mold a piece of shit into art, doesn’t mean it’s not still a piece of shit.

  • cassandralite

    Steve’s got E.T.’s fingers there; the better to push buttons with.  I guess the sculptor doesn’t think much of Siri’s future.

  • gareth edwards

    I thought Han Solo has lost his Carbonite®!

  • marcwitteveen

    I hate it. How much does scrap metal do these days?

  • Slam Dunk

    @GarethEdwards:disqus  I thought it was C-3PO!!


    KILL IT!!!!! KILL IT!!!!!! 

  • crummett

    “You may ask yourself, ‘how do I work this?'”

  • Mike Pisino

    Oh, I am so sorry “Professor”, please allow me to remove my “disguise” and let you know a little about myself.  I’m a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, currently employed by an Agency in Pittsburgh, and have been gainfully employed since 2001.  While at AIP, I was instructed by Angelo Ciatti, one of the foremost instructors of art history in the entire country.  I know a thing or two about art, the Impressionists movement, and pretty much any other art movement you’ve ever heard of.  Now that this is out of the way:

    This piece is SHIT and I only wish that Steve Jobs was alive to say the same.  It’s not abstract enough to be abstract, it’s not real enough to be a realistic sculpture, it’s SHIT.  I never said that only Accurate representation of a model is art, but implied that this piece shows no talent other than that of the process of manufacturing a bad piece of art – and while a person may be able to weld or to mold, it makes them no more of an artist than you bringing up Art History makes you a professor.

    Kiss my Italian ass.

  • TradeGothicBold

    Anyone else think peabody is living in his mom’s basement with nothing better to do but get on everyone else’s nerves?

  • Reivax

    Wow. Kinda the sculptural equivalent of George Costanza’s photo portrait by the guy at the 24hr place. A poorly executed caricature. The detailing, like facial wrinkles, indicate that a degree of realism was intended, but the overall lines and proportions are grossly off. As with work from a Jr High art class, more attention to detaily bits than to overall composition / proportion / perspective. Yes, technically ‘art’; and intended as a tribute… though that doesn’t quite square with the rigor mortis arm pose and cadaverous fingers. Mainly a bid for media attention, I’d say. :: On a separate note, I wonder how much smoking this guy does around his acetylene tank… :/

  • Richard Mears

    Well said!

    Your must admit, it was very good though – but the lack of attention to detail gave it away – no razor blades on fingers, silly hat or striped top, gave this “artist” away as an amateur. 

    It barely looks like Freddy Krueger!

  • Richard Mears

    “I want to take his…FACE OFF!”