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Stonebaked Steve: Apple Founder’s Pizza Portrait



Back in the heady days of 1996 — when Apple shares were worth less than the cost of a VHS tape of Independence Day — one of the many awful ideas the company came up with was to latch onto the then-popular trend for theme restaurants, by announcing the debut of Apple Computer cybercafes.

These were supposed to start in Los Angeles, before eventually spreading over the entire world.

Needless to say, they never happened — but if they had done, they may have served pizzas bearing the face of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. (Or possibly not, since he wasn’t with the company at the time.)

Either way, if you’ve been waiting for the past two decades to finally have an edible snack in the form of Apple’s late co-founder and CEO, you may want to buy a plane ticket to take you to Papa’s Pizza restaurant in Puerto Rico, where pizza artist Wilhelm Rodriguez can whip you up a pizza pie like the above.

Two potential reservations: Firstly, we’re not sure how fond Jobs — noted for his wacky fruitarian diets — would have been about having his face recreated as fast food. Secondly, who wants their pizza delivered to the table with a bite already taken out of it — even if it is the classic Apple logo?

These two issues aside, however, Rodriguez’s creations are pretty cool — and they don’t just stop at Jobs either. Some of his other works of tomato-and-cheese art include the Mortal Kombat logo, horror movie villains, cartoon characters, and even customers who fancy a self portrait.

Of course, the Steve Jobs one is still our favorite.

Source: Neatorama