Apple begins shipping Watch pre-orders for April 24 delivery

Apple begins shipping Watch preorders for April 24 delivery


Your Apple Watch could be on the way! Photo: Apple
Your Apple Watch could be on the way! Photo: Apple

Apple has started notifying numerous Apple Watch customers who preordered the device that their orders have shipped, and that they can expect to receive the eagerly anticipated device tomorrow.

Woop woop!

That means those people fortunate to be in the first wave of Apple Watch recipients (outside of the select few celebrities Apple gifted devices to) will likely be glued to their Macs or iPhones for the next day, tracking their packages via Apple’s online store.

The celebrated announcement comes shortly after Apple released a statement revealing that many customers will receive Apple watches “sooner than expected.” Apple also released three new Guided Tour videos showing off more details about the Activity, Workout and Apple Pay apps that first-gen users can expect to be tapping away on in little more than 24 hours.

While there won’t be the traditional opening day queue outside the Apple Store tomorrow — although select boutiques will be receiving the devices — that’s not stopping several Twitter users freaking out about the fact that they’ll be among the first to wear Apple’s latest gadget.