New Guided Tours show off Apple Watch’s fitness and financial chops


The Guided Tour videos are a great way to get to know the Apple Watch. Photo: Apple
The Guided Tour videos are a great way to get to know the Apple Watch. Photo: Apple

Three new videos show how Apple Watch will make fitness and banking easier than ever.

The videos are part of Apple’s Guided Tour series of informational clips, which are a must-watch for anybody anxiously awaiting delivery of their Apple Watch. The latest ones show off the Activity, Workout and Apple Pay apps that will soon take up residence on the wrists of Apple smartwatch owners.

One of Apple’s biggest challenges when it comes to Apple Watch is teaching buyers a whole new user interface. Even users familiar with the iPhone, iPad and iPod could potentially be baffled by the range of new ways they to interact with the Apple Watch, from Force Touch to the spinning Digital Crown.

Apple’s Guided Tour videos, which previously demystified Digital Touch and showed us how to make calls, use Siri, get directions and play music, are a great way to introduce the Apple Watch’s new functions.

In a pair of new, three-minute videos, we get a much better idea about how Apple’s twin fitness apps, named Activity and Workout, will actually work. The concise videos walk noobs (which is basically everybody right now) through setting up and using the apps.

The Activity Guided Tour shows off Apple’s basic fitness app. It shows how the app’s concentric circles will and help motivate users to reach three basic daily fitness goals: standing up a minimum of one minute per hour, hitting a personal calorie-burn goal and racking up 30 minutes of actual exercise.

The Workout Guided Tour introduces what amounts to Apple Watch’s built-in personal trainer. You can set goals for running, cycling and various other exercise activities, and track your performance.

The shorter Apple Pay Guided Tour shows just how easy it will be to buy things with Apple’s mobile payment service. Purchases will just be a flick of the wrist away!