Get guided tours of Siri, Maps and more on the Apple Watch


Mel Togusen, left, and her friend,  Chris Brown, look at different styles of Apple Watches. Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac
Not wanting to stand in a store to try on the Apple Watch? Get a tour online. Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

After showing us how to use the Messages app, clock faces, and Digital Touch on the Apple Watch, more guided tours have been posted by Apple online.

In its latest round of video tours, Apple takes a look at how to take phone calls, use Siri, get directions, and play music with the Watch.

Each video runs between one and two minutes and serves as a simplistic overview of what it’s like to actually use specific aspects of the Watch. Now that you can physically try one on in stores and play with the software yourself, the videos are a little less tantalizing. But for those who haven’t gotten to try one on yet, they’re a great way to get an idea of how to use the Watch’s somewhat confusing interface.

The aspects of the Watch that Apple is focusing on with these videos are likely what people will use the device for the most, like turn-by-turn navigation on the wrist or using Siri to dictate a message.

There are still three more guided tours listed as coming soon on Apple’s website for Apple Pay and the Watch’s two health apps.