Apple Watch can harness Force Touch to change the color of animated emoji


Christy Turlington has been trying out the Apple Watch, and she's apparently hooked. Photo: Apple
Christy Turlington has been trying out the Apple Watch, and she's apparently hooked. Photo: Apple

In her latest blog post on Apple’s website, supermodel and Apple Watch spokeswoman Christy Turlington reveals a few more interesting tidbits about the Apple wearable — such as the fact that you can use the device’s Force Touch tech to change the color of animated emoji.

“While we were apart, my daughter and I were sending animated emoji to the boys,” Turlington writes, describing a recent family vacation. “The faces are the best because they’re so expressive. If you press the screen, you can change the colour.”

Thanks to the Apple Watch Force Touch technology, the device can distinguish between taps and presses in a far more intelligent way than on a device like the iPhone.

Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Turlington also says how much she’s been helped by the Apple Watch’s Activity Rings — which break down the amount of walking, exercise and standing you’ve done over the course of a day, month or year — as she prepares to run the London Marathon. She writes:

“Honestly, I’m not that high tech, so I’m surprised how much I’ve come to rely on Apple Watch as a running partner. Being able to see my progress over time in the Activity app on my iPhone has really motivated me. And it’s so useful to have detailed stats, like my distance and pace for every run, all laid out in one place. By flashing its LED lights hundreds of times per second, Apple Watch can calculate the number of times your heart beats each minute during your workout. That measurement is your heart rate.”

Yes, it’s a puff piece, but it’s still a good way of getting across how useful the various functions of the Apple Watch are, not through the words of designer Jony Ive or CEO Tim Cook, but through the experiences of an (ostensibly) average user — albeit an uncommonly beautiful and successful one.

Whether or not you’re planning to buy an Apple Watch on April 24 (I’m certainly leaning more and more toward a “yes”), it’s hard to deny that Apple is doing a great job of targeting every possible demographic for the device. So far we’ve seen a focus on the fashionista crowd, the luxury crowd, the tech crowd and, thanks to Turlington, the fitness crowd.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see how many from each group show up on launch day.

Source: Apple