Yes, you can wear your Apple Watch in the shower


This is why the Apple Watch will be your most personal device yet. Photo: Apple
This is why the Apple Watch will be your most personal device yet. Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch reveal back in September was big on excitement, but short on details. Among those things that Apple failed to mention was whether or not Cupertino’s new smartwatch will be able to withstand liquids — making it suitable for, say, swimming or washing the dishes.

While we still don’t have a final, definitive answer on what is and is not advisable with the Apple Watch, Tim Cook shed a bit of light on the mystery during a Q&A session with staff at the Kurfürstendamm Apple Store in Berlin, Germany, where he is currently visiting. Cook said that that he wears his Apple Watch “even in the shower.”

This is in contrast with what we had previously heard, courtesy of tech journalist David Pogue, who after a private briefing with Apple advised readers that, “Sweating [while wearing the Apple Watch], wearing it in the rain, washing your hands, or cooking with it is fine. Take it off before the swim or get in the shower, though.”

As much as we respect Pogue, you’d have to say that — when it comes to Apple advice — Cook trumps Pogue!

The Apple CEO also answered a few other questions in what sounds like an interesting session. Among them was a bit more clarification on the Apple Watch’s battery life, with Cook saying he removes the device to recharge overnight — something we’ve suspected based on previous reports.

Cook talked about some of the possible applications of the Apple Watch, including monitoring auctions on eBay — or else accessing hotel rooms in a way similar to existing apps for the iPhone.

Answering a question from a visually impaired employee, he said that the Apple Watch will have more accessibility features added over time, although it sounds like these features will be limited at first.

No price tariff was given for the device, but Cook confirmed that Apple will begin marketing the device in April. In what sounds like an amusing moment, Cook sidestepped the question of whether retail staff could have all have an Apple Watch to more easily show customers, by saying that it is a “good idea” and that he would “consider it.”

Cook also spoke about his efforts to improve working conditions in China, and lamented the fact that the media often choose to paint Apple in a bad light in this regard. Cook said that Apple is trying to ensure that there is no abuse of employees on the supply chain, and that they work fairer numbers of hours.

Finally, he addressed the reports that Apple Pay could be available in Europe soon by saying that Apple aimed for this to be the case “before the end of the year.”

Source: iGen

  • but why would you want to?

    • Liam Whiteley

      Apart from getting notifications (especially if you someone who takes a long time in the shower), it could very useful to use it to play music or radio instead of needing another device due to its speaker.

      • I take your point Liam, but it sounds like they’re clutching at straws a bit. Wearing it while swimming, yes, but I’ve never found wearing a watch in the shower very sensible or practical!

      • Mac McIntire

        Why spend the time taking it off and putting it back on when it can just join you in the shower? If Apple markets this watch as being water resistant, then they should be prepared to have an exchange program if your watch gets damaged in the shower. Pebble does this.

      • Liam Whiteley

        Obviously, you could just take the watch off if you need to, but having extra functionality is always a bonus (some people could find it very useful- some may not) so no harm done.

  • James Alexander

    Most watches are water resistant not proof. I think it is funny most articles talk about it needing to be proof.

    • Maxim∑

      its coated in a airtight resin. Its waterproof up to ___ we don’t know yet

      • josephz2va

        10 meters is the default water resistance.

  • TheMadTurtle

    Yeah, Jawbone made the same statement about the UP band, but I went through 3 of them in 12 months. For my money, Misfit Shine is what I wear when I swim – 18 months and not a single problem. I wear it 24/7.

  • Greg_the_Rugger

    I recall an old Timex commercial where they strapped the watch to the bow of a boat and dragged it through the water. If a $25 watch from the drug store can be water proof, then the expectation is the the apple watch should be too. I’m sure some idiot watch collector will chime in and tell us were all stupid for wearing an expensive watch outside. The fact is that some of us have active lifestyles. We buy and wear what fits.

    • katepery54

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  • Sean

    Do these articles get proof-read before released?! I think not. It’s pretty grueling getting through some of these. C’mon Cult of Mac, spend a little more time editing!