Why you'd be stupid to put your iPhone inside a lava lamp

Why you’d be stupid to put your iPhone inside a lava lamp


It starts out so well... Photo: TechRax
It starts out so well... Photo: TechRax

You know what they say about putting your iPhone 6 in a lava lamp: it’s all good fun until something explodes in someone’s eye.

The someone in question is a colleague of TechRax, the Ukrainian YouTuber who hides behind the veil of supposed tech expert to run his seemingly limitless iPhone collection through a series of oddball endurance tests; the kind of thing that would be considered Turner Prize-worthy conceptual performance art were we not convinced he’s deadly serious.

Having previously buried iPhones in snow and assaulted them with DeWalt angle grinders to see how they react, this time he gives his Apple smartphone the 1970s treatment to see what would happen if a person accidentally dropped it into an open lava lamp. You know, as you do.

Jony Ive never prepared for this.

My personal favorite bit? The lengthy awkward segment when he finally realizes he may have pushed the Apple gods too far, and starts worrying that his iPhone will explode. Could it be that TechRax has learned a valuable lesson about… well, anything?

I don’t it. I’m sure next week he’ll be back telling us what happens if you drop an iPhone into a printing press, or run over it with a truck.