Watch what happens when iPhone 6 meets a bath of hot ice


Photo: TechRax
Looks cold. Or hot. We can't decide. Photo: TechRax

One day someone is going to come along and write a paper on the psychology of tech fans who will queue up for hours to get the latest smartphone, and then log onto the Internet to watch it getting destroyed. When they do, at least several chapters will be dedicated to Ukrainian YouTuber TechRax, whose channel on the video sharing website shows the iPhone being pitted against everything from angle grinders to boiling Coca-Cola.

Today’s “stress test” for Apple’s record-breaking iPhone 6? No less than a bath of molten sodium acetate, a.k.a. hot ice: the substance found in hand warmers.

And, amazingly, it survives intact.

What does the video show, other than TechRax has way too much disposable income? Not a lot, although it does reinforce that, despite its thinness, the iPhone is a pretty durable piece of tech. Somehow we suspect that it was never designed for this, though.

The natural order of things is that tech fans prove willing to get icy waiting for Apple products — not the other way around.

Source: TechRax/YouTube