7th heaven: iPhone 7 concept is everything you’re wishing for


A possible glimpse of the future? Photo: Oval Picture


Four months down the line, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus still feel like new devices, but that’s not stopping enthusiastic, design-minded techies from creating concept showing how they hope Apple’s next generation iPhone will look.

This concept, created by Netherlands-based graphic designer Yasser Farahi, shows a sleeker iPhone with thinner bezel and profile, and a few of the less popular design features of the iPhone 6 taken out. Most enticing of all is Farahi’s dream of wireless charging: a technology which has been often rumored over the years, but not as of yet implemented by Apple.

Given that Farahi has chosen to name it the iPhone 7, this particular model would likely arrive in 2016, since this year will probably see the iPhone 6s, with the majority of changes being under the hood. Personally, I’m not mad keen on some of Farahi’s subdued color choices, but it’s still a tantalizing glimpse at what we could have to look forward to next year.

Check out more pictures, and a video, after the jump.

“I designed an iPhone that I would love to hold in my own hand,” Farahi tells Cult of Mac. “It’s a phone which keeps the iPhone 6’s rounded, shiny edges, but without the chunky and all-too-visible antenna lines. I also hate the camera protrusion on the iPhone 6, and as a concept designer — not an engineer — think there must be some way of extruding the lens only when the camera app starts.”

Yasser Farahi also moved the volume buttons to the right side of the phone, since “I hate when I press the power button and the volume buttons at the same time.”

As a final innovation, Farahi imagines improved sound quality for the iPhone 7.

“Stereo sound is one of the things I’ve been missing since the first iPhone,” he says. “In my opinion, stereo sound on the iPad Air, mini and later, sounds still mono. I came up with up with my own solution which doesn’t look and work like any other phone out there. Like the camera lens, stereo sound on my iPhone 7 would automatically activate only when needed. When holding the iPhone in landscape mode, iOS9 and the iPhone would calculate the position of the iPhone in X,Y,Z space and output the sound from the correct channel.”

Yes, at the end of the day it’s no more than another Apple fan postulating about what they’d like to see — but they’re intriguing ideas nonetheless.

Would you be happy with Yasser Farahi’s iPhone 7?





  • cesardlg

    i don’t want it that thin anymore. everyone i know buy external battery packs now. make it thicker and give it a better battery. heck, i also want a 4″ version back.

    • Daniel Husum

      Yeah. Ratter have the thicknes of iPHone 5/5s and bigger battery, then even thinner then iPhone 6.

  • David Grossman

    I don’t understand why you (and the other blogs) keep posting these design concepts. It’s purely some guy’s idea and since he’s not connected with Apple, has no basis in what Apple may or may not produce in the future. You may as well publish my iPhone concept… a small chip that is embedded in my body. I blink my eyes to snap a photo (yes… two eyes for 3D photos), visualize app icons ala Google Glass, tap my knuckles to select an app, pinch to zoom with my fingers and true stereo sound via the bones in my skull. Oh yes, builtin Siri to call my contacts and I step on a mat for 5 minutes to wirelessly charge my “phone”.

    • Francis Yap

      Articles like this are junk. They’re just for ad views.

    • Jeo Ten

      Funny … you complain about this website posting their concept and opinion … then you post your concept and opinion. So why are you complaining?

    • tHoj101

      Some people who enjoy the culture surrounding Apple like seeing this kind of stuff. Troll.

  • Nick

    5GB RAM.. Hahahaha.. Nice one.

  • josephz2va

    As long as they don’t use 5C colors. Those colors weren’t hot at all.

  • acslater017

    Smaller bezels (including earpiece and home button) would be nice – same screen sizes but smaller, more usable footprints. Even the smaller iPhone 6 is rather tall.

    Durability seems to be one area that Apple hasn’t pushed too hard. Maybe the Watch’s S1 SOC will teach them a bit about moisture/dust resistance. Force Touch for contextual menus could also make the leap. What if you just Force Touched the bottom edge of the screen to go home and the TouchID was hidden behind the display? Optical zoom or swappable lenses would take iPhonography to the next level…

  • Shaun

    Would love to see wireless charging at long last. My S5 does it really well so I don’t see why I can’t do the same with my iPhone.

  • bedrockq

    Gotta keep the iTards on the upgrade treadmill. It’s not like they are attracting more users away from other phones.

    • Jeo Ten

      Fast charging will come first … full charge in minutes.

  • dbg

    This is an attempt to get noticed and hired byApple, nothing more

  • Rachel

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  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    Why do all the concepts have an edge to edge screen? Do you not want to put a case on it or something?

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      I think that edge to edge screen is hideous. Never understood the fascination with it (o_O)

  • Kal

    IDK, but I will be keeping my Iphone 4s for a LONG TIME. what an awesome glass brick, never needed a case, wasn’t necessary because of the build quality, I also have sat on hard surfaces with it in my back pocket, dropped it on cement, rubbed on rocky soil, etc. Solid phone.

  • Jonathan Milner

    now thats a better one but should be a little bit fatter for the battery so it lasts lol and power button not side mounted if any where the home button is and a light sensor in the home button and should be a finger print power control like a cydia tweak (bio protect) to prevent theft also i hate the scratching and easy damage to apple things and apple should let dev’s have more say as after jailbreaking apple devices are a lot better

  • Tpoccu

    So radio transparent aluminum magically exists in this universe? You’d add a protruding lens, which would almost certainly lessen the reliability of the device just because the lens sticking out is “ugly”?

  • mitch

    1. no way apple will jump from 1gb of ram to 5gb. 2. why are the apps circles?!? 3. there is no realistic way that the front camera is going to jump to 5mp in the next two years right no I’d be happy with just doubling it to 2mp. 4. the motors to have the camera protrude would ad ore weight and bulk and that isn’t what apple does. 5. you say it will have an apple A10 but you also say iOS 9 so make up your mind is this for next year of 2 more years. other than this i love it

  • Karly Johnston

    It is just one more step towards making the iPhone like the last iTouch. All of them are too slippery and wanna fly outta ur hand. Im tired of the rectangle form factor, u gotta do something to change the screen like 3D holograms or fold out screens or pico projectors. Damn just innovate something new.

  • Fabio Falzarano

    Secondo me è un ottimo concept!!!!! Speriamo che sarà così

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Funny how your link was published BEFORE the iPhone 6 was released and mine was published AFTER…nice try. Then again, no it wasn’t lol

    • bedrockq

      Yes, it is funny that your link is some backwood swamp blog site so therefore must be true according to you. They must be able to see the future since they had to have numbers that Apple didn’t have yet to reach those conclusions. Surely you could find more credible sources. I guess you don’t know how to use the google after all.

  • bedrockq

    Lol…talking like a 12yo definitely makes your opinion more credible. Please continue.

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      *notices he has nothing to say about the link that was posted*

  • Quintan Neville

    “RAM Memory: 5GB”

    Where do I start with this one?