Apple eyes big improvements for iPhone 6s camera


iPhone camera
The iPhone 6 camera was one of its most popular features. But things could get even better. Photo: Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus featured Apple’s best-ever iPhone camera, but Apple is always on the lookout for ways to beat its own sky-high standards.

According to a new report from the Chinese language website United Daily News, Cupertino is planning to create a dual-lens camera with optical zoom capabilities and a 3D pressure sensor for the iPhone 6s, which will likely arrive this September.

The 3D pressure sensor is particularly interesting, since it sounds like it will take advantage of the Force Touch technology Apple is using for the Apple Watch to help differentiate between a tap and a press — making it the next evolution in capacitive touchscreens.

The report also suggests that the new camera will boost image quality, by allowing more light to reach the sensor, possibly meaning that Apple will tweak the iSight camera’s aperture from the f/2.2 used by the iPhone 6.

Beyond this, United Daily News claims not much will change for the iPhone 6s, which would make sense given the incremental improvements we’ve seen in previous “s” releases going back to 2011. That would also mean no 4-inch iPhone 6s, which pours cold water on a rumor that has been doing the rounds recently.

Now that you’ve had time to get used to both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, what are you most hoping for from Apple’s next generation iPhone?

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  • Cold_dead_fingers

    I just want good software. I appreciate my phone. It’s a magnificent device that does more than a phone should do, but if Apple expects me to keep buying phones, I should have confidence that “it just works” is alive and well.

  • Steve R

    They still don’t have the size right, IMO. The 6+ is too big & the 6 is too small. Something in between would be perfect

    • Gunther Geerts

      yep , something in between with a big battery would make it perfect

  • steven taylor

    I would like fewer months of same rumours about a better camera, bla bla bla…

  • Like many, for me, the hardware is exceptional, it’s the software that needs more attention at the minute. A better camera would be a welcome addition and hopefully the iPhone 6s (the 4.7-inch) will have OIS. By the way, not sure how they’ll name them. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus?

  • Randomly specific

    RF blaster,LED notification , better battery and multiple sign ins or guest/kid mode.

    • MaskedRacerX

      Agree about the multiple accounts (including discrete account controls to limit access, control content), but that’s an OS consideration, not hardware. In fact, I think if that’s ever implemented, it will be much more useful for an iPad vs. an iPhone :)

  • Jakob

    I would appreciate them dropping the whopping 5.5 inch to just 5 and still stat with the screen resolution, and furthermore dropping the 4.7 inch to 4, so theres something for everyones desire.

    • Prib

      What if not ‘everyone’ desires a 5″ or 4″ smartphone? What if people were fine with 4.7″ and 5.5″? Apple simply cannot please everyone, and most are content with the sizes Apple have for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Anyway, if you really want a 5″ or 4″ phone and not willing to give >0.3″ or <0.7" then you can have a look at what Android phones have to offer.