Steve Jobs’ yacht is half Apple Store, half beach house


This is how the head of Apple ought to relax! Photo: Woods Hole Inn

For a man who played a part in coming up with some of the most gorgeous designs in recent history, I’ve never been too sure about the surprisingly bulky appearance of Venus: Steve Jobs’ 256-foot super-yacht.

With that being said, however, a new crop of photos showing the €100 million vessel in full ocean-going mode definitely makes me rethink my views on the subject.

Half-summer house and half Apple Store, it looks every bit the kind of vacay destination that would have helped Apple’s late CEO recuperate after a new iPhone launch — had he ever gotten the chance to use it.

Despite telling journalist John Markoff in 1980 that, “There’s no yacht in my future,” Steve Jobs began working on building his dream sailing vessel around 2008, just before his liver transplant.

The fact that the ship looks a bit like Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store is no coincidence, either: the legendary CEO reportedly recruited the chief designer of the Apple Stores to design a special kind of glass for the yacht, capable of providing structural support. On board, a row of 27-inch iMacs are used to control the ship from its wheelhouse.

According to, the Venus has visited St. Martin, Montanegro, Palma, Gibraltar, Horta Azores, and many other locations.

Jobs yacht2

Jobs yacht 4

Via: Gizmodo