Apple delivers its 18-karat gold Watch in a jewelry box charger


Picture: Apple
Picture: Apple

Apple started introducing gold variants of its devices with the “champagne” iPhone 5s in 2013. Given the unexpected popularity of that device, it was only natural that Apple would keep the color scheme going for future devices — which now includes the Apple Watch, as unveiled yesterday.

While Tim Cook didn’t dwell on too many details regarding the individual Apple Watch models during his keynote, technology journalist David Pogue does have some additional information about the 18-karat gold Edition variant of the Apple Watch, which he claims will come in a “gorgeous jewelry box” that doubles as a charger.

The back of the box features a Lightning connector, and the inside sports the Apple Watch’s magnetic round charger pad. Wirelessly charging the Apple Watch is therefore just a matter of slipping your watch off before you go to bed, laying it in its case and then letting it charge overnight.

No word from Pogue or anyone else on how much this gold Apple Phone Edition will set users back financially, but it’s likely to be a whole lot higher than the $349 starting price.

There’s no confirmation either regarding the wearable’s battery life (which was previously described as “disappointing.”) Pogue’s best guess is that it will last “one day,” which is about in line with what we’ve heard elsewhere.

Source: Yahoo