iWatch battery life might be disappointing, source claims



Details of the iWatch’s features have been trickling out the rumor mill in the lead up to next week’s event shedding light on the new fitness, homekit, and payments features Apple’s first wearable will include, but according to a report from The Information, all those special features are going to take a big toll on the iWatch’s battery.

After speaking with sources inside Apple, Jessica Lessin writes that iWatch battery life might be “disappointing.”

“People who have talked to Apple about the watch said that Apple employees have set low expectations,” writes Lessin, who has been a solid source of Apple leaks during 2014’s iPhone rumor season.

Making a smartwatch with decent battery life has been one of the biggest obstacles for tech companies so far, and while Apple is reportedly ready to embrace OLED screens to save on battery consumption, the company’s first wearable is unlikely to sip its battery slow enough to impress wearers.

Apple reportedly experimented with the use of solar charging in its wearable, but supposedly ditched the plans after it proved unreliable. The iWatch will instead boast wireless charging to make juicing up your device easier.

The iWatch is expected to raise the bar for smartwatches when its revealed on September 9th in Cupertino. Along with the shoddy battery life, the wearable is expected to have NFC for mobile payments, fitness sensors galore, and will come in two sizes.

Via: Business Insider