The 7 biggest disappointments from today’s Apple event


Big, bigger, and biggerer. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web
Big, bigger, and biggerer. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Tim Cook and company brought down the house at the Flint Center in Cupertino, and while investors haven’t reacted positively, Apple fanboys are still trying to recover from the hurricane of incredible new products Apple just announced.

The Apple Watch, big iPhones, Apple Pay and even some new software features were previewed at Apple’s first fashion-forward event. But there were a couple of disappointments hiding in the dark corners of the Flint Center as well. Like, where was the talk about the Apple Watch’s battery life? And why is there no sapphire glass on the iPhone 6?

Here are the biggest disappointments from today’s Apple keynote:

The Livestream

Watching Apple’s keynote was practically impossible, unless you were sitting inside the Flint Center.

Leander Kahney was our man on the inside, and while he said everything within the closely guarded walls of the Flint Center went off like a perfectly scripted play, Apple’s live feed of the event was an absolute disaster. The feed died on almost all viewers for the first 20 to 35 minutes of the event, and if you were lucky enough to get a connection, you could barely hear Tim Cook and Phil Schiller over the Chinese translator speaking loudly in the background. Everything got fixed right before the Apple Watch intro, but we suspect a person or two will probably be fired at the end of the day for the botched broadcast.


Craig Federighi talked up HomeKit at this year’s WWDC, but it barely got a mention at today’s Apple event.
Photo: Apple

Apple gave HealthKit and the Health app a lot of stage time at the Flint Center, but not much was said with regard to HomeKit — not even a little nod to the Apple Watch getting HomeKit support. We’ve heard rumors that Apple is working on stand-alone HomeKit hardware products, and while some rumors suggested the big, mysterious white building outside was an interactive space to preview HomeKit features, it was really just another Apple Store demo area.

Sapphire Glass

iPhone 6

2014’s biggest iPhone 6 rumor was the supposed addition of sapphire glass. With Apple cementing a deal with GT Advanced Technologies in 2013, it seemed like a sure bet. Phil Schiller walked off the stage without a peep about an indestructible new iPhone display, but Tim and Jony were proud to mention the feature on the Apple Watch. Looks like we’ll have to wait until 2015 for shatterproof iPhone screens.

Water Resistance


Extra RAM would have been nice, but at a time when Samsung and other smartphone companies are making their devices more durable with protection from water and dust, we would have loved to see Apple at least make the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus splash-proof. iPhone repair shops will still be raking in the dough this year after the iPhone failed to live up to Samsung’s bucket challenge, and Apple Watch is only “water-resistant” so don’t even think about cooling off in the pool with it after a long jog.

iWatch Battery Life


Tim Cook and Kevin Lynch went through the entire Apple Watch reveal touting its innovative UI, third-party apps, weird emoji and sexy design, but not one word was said about actual battery life. More details will probably come out when we get closer to 2015, but staying mum on the Apple Watch battery life might not be a great sign. We were also really hoping for a slicker answer to wireless charging than an inductive charger, but it’s better than nothing.


You're gonna want one of these. Probably both, though. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web
You’re gonna want one of these. Probably both, though. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

$349 is a decent starting price for the Apple Watch when you consider most other smartwatches start around $250, but we wish Apple would have given a breakdown of pricing across all models, because we know that 18-karat gold Edition version is going to go for at least double the introductory price.


U2: the brand ad.  Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web
U2: the brand ad. Photo: Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

iTunes may have revolutionized the music industry, but Apple’s taste in bands is questionable. What was up with Tim and Bono touching hands at the end of their horrible “can you please release my album on iTunes?” skit at the end of the keynote? It was beyond awkward. Apple security should have escorted Bono offstage and dumped him where the streets have no name.

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    Racking in the “doe”? Oh deer.

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      dat typo do

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      “Racking” … “deer”?

      Raking … dear

      Love when people correct others spelling and make some themselves in their comment.

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        Looks like the writer updated the copy. It is now “raking in the dough,” when it was “racking in the doe” in the original. (Even then, male deer have racks…)

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        Love when people correct others’ mistakes and don’t give a shit about the article itself.

  • mike077

    The failure of the live stream was a huge letdown and I suspect that it will resonate more than Apple hopes. For a company that wants to implement a massive new payments approach, a predictable, preventable glitch like this does not create confidence.

    This was the biggest hyped Apple event/launch in years. This was Tim Cook’s REAL launch party. This was one event that HAD to go smoothly.

    It didn’t.

    Somebody, or somebodies, should be, must be, fired. As Steve said to the MobileMe team, “You should hate yourselves” for what they did to the Apple brand. Same here.

    • nostatic

      Yeah, I’ve never seen them screw up a live stream this bad before. Mine started late and hiccuped and burped for the first 30-45 minutes. For a while I thought someone was hacking into the broadcast. Simply awful way to kick-off such a major event.

    • Joseph Pianta

      I loved the female translator for most of the beginning and I heard some guy in the background of the last. The live stream messed up my AppleTV so bad I had to hard reset it 3 times. I felt like I was in Groundhog day reliving the show every few minutes and was lost with the rest of Twitter on what was happening. I’m unimpressed with the Camera improvements and the [Apple]Watch cost way to much for a non-athlete like me. Maybe if ObamaCare paid for it as a perk to stay in shape…

      • BusterH

        thought i was alone. How the feed managed to make my entire Apple TV unresponsive is a mystery, but the only thing I could do was unplug it.

      • Joseph Pianta

        I also was sitting in front of my iMac so I was fighting with iTunes on it starting up and playing tracks while trying to get the feed to work.

      • Ricardo C

        Yup, same here… I also had the stream on iPad and suddenly it started quitting safari everytime I opened safari. And I ocasionally saw some fixed image showing the timetable before the event??? What the hell was that? Nice show apple – hype it to the max and then fumble it…

      • Same here, pulled out the plug once (WTF indeed?), and that’s pretty much when I gave up all hopes for the stream. It’s too bad since the live stream is a huge component of the “magic” to me. Now it’s like reading an article or two and watching a silent store update.

    • Jared

      I thought it was just my connection anyone else hear a Chinese translator for about the first half-hour. It’s obvious some wires got crossed somewhere

    • John V. Knowles

      Was the lifestream done internally, or did an outside party provide the video services and the uplink? Were there broadcast trucks outside the center?

      • I would bet money that it was an outside party. There is no reason for Apple to have their own live broadcast team. Let’s just say they probably wont be in business after today.

        Not Apple’s fault but it sucked.

    • I agree, it was the mother of all stream screw ups. For me, it begun exactly two minutes before Tim Cook entered the stage. After that, it was over. It’s ridiculous especially when Apple teased it a long time in advance. Made me think they had boosted the bandwidth for this event. Maybe they did and it wasn’t enough, who knows. But I doubt Apple will tease a live stream anytime soon.

      • Ricardo C

        Hopefully apple will stream the”iPad” event… Because this might just make them forget streaming… Cue – this would never happen if Stev… Oh forget it…

    • digitaldumdum

      You’re really laying the fault for your poor streaming experience at Tim Cook’s and Apple’s feat? Get a life, dude. Your (and anyone else’s) less-than-stellar streaming could have been due to a LOT of things, not the least of which is the big, fast pipe most providers •should• have, but don’t.

      Go do something remarkable before you criticize people who do practically nothing but.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      They probably had more viewers than they were prepared for. Live streaming isn’t always foolproof, I’m sure the problem was not an easy last minute fix. I’m sure they’ll learn for next time.

  • That stream was ungodly awful, bring on the firings.

    • UMac40

      Your resistance to mainstream makes you so fucking cool.

  • nostatic

    One more disappointment…where is that promised free U2 album? As instructed, I go to iTunes to get the new U2 Sons of Innocence download and it’s no where to be found. iTunes lists it as “Purchased” but it’s not in my music library anywhere. All I get is 60-second previews of the songs. What gives?

    • Lucas Larini Kidricki

      go to your purchases and click on the small cloud in the top right corner. there you go, sport

      • Brian C. Bock

        I listen on my iPhone and iPad and it’s not there. You can see it in the iTunes app, and it says Purchased. But it doesn’t show up in the music app. So, I’d say this is a bit of a fail. Not surprising considering the scope and how poor iTunes Match often performs. I hope they fix iTunes match. It’s not Maps level incompetence, but it’s pretty bad far too often.

      • dean.p

        Did you even bother to read Lucas’ comment or are you just here to troll Apple?

    • Carlos Henrique Moller

      Open iTunes, go to Apple Store Home. On the left click on Purchased. You will see the album there waiting to download. Click on the cloud icon on the album and there you go!

      • charlesrhamilton

        Your other left.

      • Carlos Henrique Moller


      • nostatic

        Took more three hours for it to show up. so much for that 5 seconds Bono Boy and Tim were giggling about. Yet another technical screw up for this launch.

      • Carlos Henrique Moller

        I took me 5 min, but the track #10 has problems. Then I closed itunes, removed the album from the itunes folder and downloaded without a problem…

    • Jody Drummond

      I found it in my cloud and downloaded it from there to my hard drive of my computer.

    • Telmo E. Julião

      My disappointment is your lack of knowledge.

      Edit: Added the missing “ment”

      • nostatic

        Oh golly, I am soooo sorry to disappoint an arrogant prick like you.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        Sorry if I helped you.

        You’re welcome.

      • nostatic

        More arrogance. You assume you helped me? Here’s some help for you: Be nice, and helpful. You’ll get more nice comments.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        Well… You probably can’t see my image, but I posted the answer to your problem.

      • Andrew

        “My disappoint…” It’s “disappointment.” I’m sure many people don’t care about what you think of them, especially since this is the internet and ANYONE can be a little bitch on the internet.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        You’re right, I missed it while trying to help the guy asap.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        By the way: *specially

      • Andrew

        Are you stupid? “Specially” means for a special purpose, whereas “especially” (in this case) means particularly. Please check with Google first before you make a stupid comment.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        You are in fact a “little bitch on the internet”, you are the only one here using words like “stupid”. And yes, I checked before I commented.

        “This program has specially designed macros for word processors.
        (A distinctive purpose)

        He did especially well in All-Star Game.
        (A noteworthy performance)”


      • Andrew

        Lol, no. You aren’t reading what I said correctly. “Particularly” means to a higher degree than is usual or average. In this case, I was saying that no one cares about what you think of them in general, but since it is the internet, people REALLY don’t care about what you think of them. Understand now? Reading comprehension.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        Reading comprehension? Give it a try too. ;)
        Also, I now understand, you are this kind of guy:

      • Andrew

        Absolutely, Oprah! Do you have approximate knowledge of other things as well?!

      • Telmo E. Julião

        Oh yes, I’m classy enough to stop feeding your anger with the world. ;) Just go play some The Sims, it’s dark and evil and you can kill people.

    • Joseph Pianta

      I had to use the iTunes web store link to ‘find’ it in my iTunes app.

      Thanx CopyPaste Pro for hanging onto that.

    • Joe

      Before you comment at least try to make the minimal effort to download it. I guess you know how that is done?

      • nostatic

        Before you comment, make the minimal effort to read what I wrote, Jethro. The instructions Apple gave were wrong and it took three hours for the download to appear.

      • Brian C. Bock

        I concur. It’s not where Apple said it was on my iPhone or iPad. It is in the iTunes store app on the devices and it’s marked as Purchased. But it doesn’t show up in the Music app and therefore cannot be downloaded onto the device. I don’t understand why some people have to be nasty about this. Just because it worked for you, Joe, doesn’t mean it worked for everyone else.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        It worked for me…

      • Parzival

        I opened my Music app on my iPod the moment he said that (a few hours later, granted) and it appeared in my Albums immidiately

    • UMac40

      Who fucking wants it.

      • nostatic

        Now, now, just because you didn’t get a free Toby Keith download, that’s no reason to be rude.

      • Telmo E. Julião

        Hahaha genius! Good one.

      • UMac40


    • CelestialTerrestrial

      go to iTunes app, log in and then press the HOME button and then on the left hand side you’ll see the section called “purchased”. Click on that and you should find it in that section and then you download it. I had the same problem.

  • PTVMan

    Petty. Writing about disappointments about things that were merely rumor is just plain petty.

    • Joe

      Usual for the media nowadays. Speculate, spread rumors and then be disappointed when reality doesn’t match, plus focus on some negative. Like hating U2! Who cares whether you like them or not it wasn’t a “disappointment”.

    • Brian C. Bock

      Wait until people read the copy on the site and find out that the Sport model of the watch doesn’t have sapphire either. The other two models do. But it says the Sport model has Ion-X glass.

    • Sam

      I didn’t read any of the rumors previously. However, it doesn’t take a genius to see that Apple has lost ALL innovation. Iphone 5c 5s, iphone 6 and 6 plus. Apple is the epitome of a just-for-profit organization that doesn’t care about what people think because they already have their fanboys who’ll buy their products regardless of how disappointing they are. I mean seriously, iPhone 6 has a thinner design and a bigger screen? Everyone knew they would do that, and the problem is, if I wanted a phone with a bigger screen, I’d just get a tablet. Having new apps doesn’t make the new phone a great idea…. Those are the developers who have achieved such a feat and Apple attempts to take credit by saying it’s a technological achievement. Sorry Apple, but after my contract is up, I’ll be getting a Samsung.

      **EDIT** I forgot to mention, who’s going to trust Apple with their “wallet” when they can’t even keep your photos from leaking out of iCloud… That takes some SERIOUS nerve from their part.

  • Mark

    Sure the live stream was a bit rubbish. But picking on U2, hell, they may not be your taste, theyre not mine, but its a great move for both parties. Ive just downloaded it though, a nice nod to Jobs in the liner notes.

    I thought it was as good a launch product wise as the original iphone, puts apple front and centre again.

    • Joe

      Agree. Some people just can’t focus on the positives.

    • Chuck McGinley

      Agreed.. Anyone who comes in here and complains about something being given away for free (Regardless, if you like U2 or not) should re-evaluate their lives.

  • dfsgfdfdggfd

    No new iPads

    • Joe

      Was never planned or even rumored to happen.

    • Jhabril_Harris

      iPads are for October

      • dfsgfdfdggfd

        next event in october?

    • Parzival

      Duh. This wasn’t an iPad Event…

  • Lucas Larini Kidricki

    disagree about u2. was nice.

    • Lucas Larini Kidricki

      i can thumb myself up? wut?

  • puralien12

    Your initial photo made me think you were going to mention the PPI. Because that’s what was disappointing to me.

    • BusterH

      how so? Retina HD has better PPI

      • puralien12

        On the iPhone 6, the PPI is the same as the iPhone 5s all the way down even to the iPhone 4. Sure, the 6 Plus is better, but not by much considering other major phones like the HTC One (M8) or SGS5.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPhone 6 and will still be getting one. Just still, it’s 2014, Apple, not 2010.

      • Brian C. Bock

        Can you see a problem with the iPhone 5s Screen? Is the PPI too low on that device? I’m over 40, so my eyesight isn’t quite that picky. The iPhone 5s has a great screen and any further amount of detail would be lost on me. One thing to remember in chasing the PPI, the more pixels the machine is pushing, the more processing power it takes and the more battery is required. If I were guessing they decided that chasing detail that most people cannot see wasn’t worth the power costs.

  • Telmo E. Julião

    Couldn’t agree more. That Tim / Bono thing was beyond weird.

    • Brian C. Bock

      Most scripted “spontaenous” moments are cringe-inducing. Want to see that effect even more starkly? Look at Samsung’s Unboxed event last week. Yikes. Scripted humor and mutual admiration in a product demo show is just weird.

  • chrisl

    If I want a top-spec iPhone, I now have to get one with a stupidly large screen. I do not want a phone that size no matter how slim it might be.

    • The regular 6 is not much bigger than an iPhone 5. Is that 0.7″ really a deal breaker for you?

      • chrisl

        An extra 0.7″ screen diagonal maybe, but look at the photo at the top of this page showing them side-by-side or at – that’s quite a bit bigger overall. Maybe it won’t seem so large when I see it for real.

        What bothers me more is that Apple have not provided the option of the upgraded specs in a smaller 5S size package.

      • I imagine they are holding off updating 4″ size devices because they now have two new sizes to manufacture to an enormous demand. I bet come next year when we get an S release, they’ll update the specs of the 4″ model as the new cheapest iPhone.

  • jjredfish

    This Apple Watch is going to be a much bigger hit than anyone can possibly imagine. I am thoroughly impressed with what it can already do. Now imagine where all the 3rd party apps will take it in the next year!

    • Jared

      You maybe right. I didn’t think I wanted a wearable, but I found myself coming around as I saw the functionality. I think it really comes comes down to the interface and they showed us something unique.

    • Joe

      Share this opinion. As usual, the instant experts are making judgements on something that will evolve in ways we don’t even think about.

    • Brian C. Bock

      Possibly. The price is a bit of an issue for a tech accessory. And although it is the best of breed in the looks department for the smart watch category, it’s still not designer watch pretty. But it’s also less expensive than most designer watches. Watching the reveal I wanted one, but after the hypnosis wore off I realized that no, they hadn’t made the sale yet. The real trick would be the apps. What can I do with it. Controlling the Apple TV is interesting. Home automation is interesting. I don’t think I need a pulse monitor, and if I did, I could buy a pulse oximeter for about $35 for the rare moments when I need it. All the other sensors are in the phone and don’t require the watch to work. I don’t currently wear a watch, so I’m not sure this convinces me I need one. But Apple has several months to work on me. :-P

  • Jhabril_Harris

    As mean as the U2 argument, I do have to agree on the battery life point. I was wondering that myself all throughout the keynote before the *GASP* ‘One more thing’ part. I feel like they’re still trying to work in battery life issues as we speak (or type), before full production begins.

    • Brian C. Bock

      The fact that there aren’t many apps for it yet and they wouldn’t let reporters even touch the controls tells me that the software isn’t done yet, so there’s no way for them to know how long the battery will last until they optimize the code and test it with real people.

      • Jhabril_Harris

        Exactly. Reminds of the 1st Surface unveil.

  • jared

    wow picking on U2 that’s just dumb. Skit was awkward, but the sound was undeniable. Sorry Buster but I think that you’re the one with questionable taste in music.

  • Joe

    The only real disappointment was the beginning of the badly botched livestream. Definitely not up to Apple’s high standards. Heads will surely roll.

    The rest was pretty impressive, despite what the instant opinionators think.

  • Joey Girardi

    What was the white building

    • BusterH

      hands on area

  • “Apple security should have escorted Bono offstage and dumped him where the streets have no name.” The best of the year here at Cult of Mac, superb line. PS: I love U2, but this single doesn’t seem at all the best they have done…

  • Chuck McGinley

    Oh because Steve Jobs constantly droning on about Bob Dylan and the Beatles was so hipster too….

  • Derek Schlicker

    Totally agree on the live stream. I wonder if that was the only version of the keynote they got on video…. Apple usually drops the keynote in their podcast feed about an hour after the fact but I have to see anything. Those issues may have turned it into a lost cause.

    • Brian C. Bock

      Oh, if they don’t have a copy without the Chinese translator, there will be trouble. LOL

      • Brian C. Bock

        Does anyone know if that was Mandarin or Cantonese?

  • #CultofLinkBait #CultofComplaint

  • Chris

    There is no such thing as “sapphire glass”.

  • TeeJay1100

    The whole announcement was a disappointment!! This is the best Apple could do?

  • Jay

    The live stream was infuriating. It seemed to systematically die whenever something good was about to happen

  • labcabin

    On the same level as the Sapphire Glass, their storage scam. Rather than dump the 16GB and start at 32 which would’ve been progressive, they stay with the too low for most 16GB and ramp up the ram on the Upgrade to 64GB. That just feels shady as hell from a company that brags about how much money they make off these devices.

  • Pendulous

    Stick to tech, not music please.

  • Zsolt Tégel

    So you are disappointed because some stupid kid started spreading stupid rumors for more click? And apple didnt put it in the phone? Thats nice! Maybe idiot sites should stop talking so many bullshit = nobody would be disappointed.

  • jack

    Cook said you’ll need to charge your aWatch during the night…

  • Waldemar

    Totally agree! “Apple security should have escorted Bono offstage and dumped him where the streets have no name.” ahahahah

  • Daniel Holm Bisgaard

    I simply dont get it, whats with always showing off U2? I never understood that music (No hate intended).

  • laurelj100

    Actually I couldn’t even get live streaming to start till after 10:15. Then it kept hiccuping in video and sound for the next 40 minutes. By the near end of it I couldn’t even tell if I was still watching live or in some bad version of “Ground Hog Day” also the Chinese translator was really obnoxious

  • kencopen

    It’s not like I won’t be buying 2 iPhones the second they are available, but the live stream was the mother of all screw ups. My excitement in watching the keynote rapidly turned into just dwelling on how one of the largest, most innovative companies in the world didn’t test this stream ad naseum that was going to present so many key new products. I got about 5 minutes in before I bailed on the dropped feed and droning Chinese translator.

  • Teo Tose Trpevski II

    The screen is not pure sapphire, its some secret formula…, sapphire is easy breakable if it’s used as bigger screen, and the new screen is not easy breakable and not easy to scratch… The Apple watch is a device with small screen, so you got the point there will be no bending…

  • Andrew

    Apple’s events never fail to disappoint me. Everything is always about being thinner and lighter for the iPhone. I always get really excited before the events because something in me hopes that they will come out with something really innovative, but I’m always let down. If I liked Android’s functionality and aesthetics, I would get one in a heartbeat and ditch my iPhone 5, but I don’t.

  • cpalmer

    Bummer that the Apple Watch isn’t waterproof. I guess with the sensors, it wouldn’t be possible. Was thinking, though, it could have replaced my current sport watch, but no dice now. Also, big part of potential attraction would have been ability to run, track route, miles, calories, time, etc. w/out having to also carry my iPhone. Not evident to me that you can do those things w/ just the Apple Watch. Sorry, but Apple probably not getting my $ for their “most personal device ever.”

  • addie van CaliUSA

    Realistic article. Thank you for all the insightful information.

  • peteywheats

    Cult of Mac, my ass, this is Pathetic Cult of Android crap. If this were really “Cult of Mac” you would not be referring to “Apple Fanboys”. Not coming back.

  • aardman

    Title should be “7 New First-World Problems to Bitch and Moan About”

  • sanfordandsons


  • UrsusMichaelus

    Some agreement with people who say the livestream fiasco isn’t necessarily blood on Apple’s hands. I wonder, though, didn’t they have a rehearsal/s and model the huge data load on networks that the stream was gonna cause? That said, it doesn’t explain all the start overs and the translator glitch, which were epic fails.

    I’m not even gonna watch the recorded live stream now. Lost interest in the event; just interested in the products.

  • Anthony

    Haters gonna hate. Pretty sad to see this tripe from a site claiming to be the “cult of mac”.

  • Buster: You continue to disappoint me by your negative attitude. Of all the good things that were announced, yet you go for the negatives like it’s a sworn duty. Even though the first 30 minutes of the video were goofy, they managed to clean it up after that. Yes, it was bad, but technical glitches can happen, and they got it fixed. 80% of the video was fine, but for you the entire show was ruined by the first 30 minutes. Please try to get over your disappointments more quickly.

    I am jazzed about the new iPhone 6 and now have to decide which one will work best for me when I upgrade from my still great 4S. The Apple Watch looks interesting but it’s not something I’m salivating for yet. Still, the Apple Watch showed features, capabilities and technologies that are so much better thought through than the wannabe iWatches from Pebble, Samesung and others. I think the Apple Watch could grow into an excellent product as the years pass and become a must have as it gets thinner and more capable. Who knows, as Apple releases more features and apps, I may be jonesing for it by the time 2015 arrives.

  • Kiko

    I hate that the watch doesn’t have a stand alone gps functionality. If lost you can’t track it.

  • Kiko

    I also think the look of the 5s was the best, I’m not a fan of the new look or rounded edges.

  • Professor

    Why is Apple so crap? It’s starting to become a jokr for dumb people.

  • Chromium

    Apple watch: If they don’t mention the battery life, it’s not going to be stellar. $350 is about $100 too much seeing as it doesn’t even have a camera in it. Oh, and I’m left handed, and wear my watch on my right arm. Unless that sucker flips over it’s going to be awkward using the crown wheel.
    iPhone: ugh, he camera sticks out the back. What is this, a friggen samsung?
    I’ll buy the 5″ please. 8)

  • Roman

    Agree on most but U2! They are legendary!

  • Scott Ritchie

    Have to say after finally downloading the free album it wasn’t straight forward.

  • Rich Eckert

    Viewers had to use an Apple device to see the event. Apple was unable (or more likely, unwilling) to make a stream that worked with Windows or any browser other than Safari.

    I was heavily down-voted on another site when I commented that this seemed like an exclusive/elitist policy. After all, it is not much of a technological hurdle to creating a live stream that works on multiple platforms. It smacked of a “You’re not one of us” statement and it forced people on Windows, Linux or Android to view live-blogs on other websites.

    Although I was down-voted for my statement, I somehow now feel vindicated by the failure of their live stream. It turns out that the people who were forced to view the trickle of information about the event on other websites actually had a better experience.

    “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” (Steve Jobs)

    I can only imagine what Steve Jobs mood would be today. If I were responsible for the live stream, I would be making myself scarce.

  • Very poor post, trying to squeeze some drama where there is none. All 7 points are more or less irrelevant to 95% of people. New gadgets will sell like crazy, as usual.

    • Steven Burgas

      Agreed, and someone had to say it.

  • Hildebrand

    There is nothing better than a live product release, but there’s nothing worse than an interrupted live product release…

    Home Kit was introduced at WWDC to get it in the hands of developers, it will take a while before it’s worth a lot of prime-time at a product presentation. Good choice to leave it out of the presentation for now. Focus.

    Battery life and pricing might not be final, better not promise anything before it’s certain.

    Don’t need a waterproof device or scratch proof screen, there are more important things, battery life for example…

    The U2 album is a great gift, why complain?

    Love the rounding of the iPhone and the magsafe charging of the Apple Watch.

    I guess the “i” area is over and new product names will start with the company name. Good choice!

  • Dr Science

    Why do Apple keep insulting consumers? No memory cards, proprietary data/charge cable, no removable battery, not even splash proof and worst of all no usable bluetooth or usb. What a POS. Apple is junk.

  • ilikepear

    Only disappointment is no Mac announcement.. WWDC & double iOS / OSX release together.. was hoping for a Sept iOS/OSX hardware release.

    Especially, Mac mini.. where are u??

    Remove U2.. and show us more Macs please.. Cook might like music.. but WE like Mac.

  • Andrew Mcarthy

    What’s with the Bono hate?… I don’t get it…. U2 might not has been my favourite band, but they are considered one of the best bands in the world, and also they are very charitable.

  • jpo321

    A little rough on U2 much?

  • Geahame

    No hd audio or apt x on the Bluetooth. No multi tasking demo in iOS 8. No 32gb phone. No forward facing stereo speakers

  • Especially the absence of sapphire glass is a big dissapointment.

  • Steven Burgas

    Yeah, your own taste in music is suspect, chump.

  • Mike Sauer

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I was able to watch the entire live stream just fine. And on my iPhone no less! Haha!

  • Jeremy

    You were on the right track until the unnecessary jab about U2. Yes, the exchange was badly scripted and awkward. Yes, there could have been a more “hip” and “current” musical act, but U2’s music is timeless and instantly recognizable, just like Apple’s products. The opening lines of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “Where the Streets Have No Name” are seared into the memories of anyone who has listened to the radio in the last 40 years. You made great points about the unanswered questions hanging in the air and the catastrophe that was the livestream, but you didn’t have to take it to a petty level like you did.