Secret Apple partnership could give your iPhone weeklong battery life


Toss out the li-ion and get ready for fuel-cell batteries.

The iPhone 6 isn’t expected to get a huge battery upgrade, but in just a few years your next iPhone might be able to go weeks on a single charge.

Apple and British fuel-cell firm Intelligent Energy have supposedly been working on a secret partnership, according to The Daily Mail, that might bring embedded fuel cells with weeks of battery life to Apple’s armada of MacBooks, iPhones and iPads.

Not only would the adoption of fuel cells free iPhone owners from their wall-hugging bondage, the conversion of chemical energy into electricity is clean and highly efficient. Neither Apple or Intelligent Energy have acknowledge the secret partnership, but according to the report, the two companies are hoping to bring the fuel-cell technology to the market within a few years.

Intelligent Energy just purchased a bundle of patents for the practical application of fuel cells last December. If Apple is able to successfully adopt the technology in the iPhone it would mark a huge leap forward for energy-efficient devices and further distance from Samsung.

Apple and Intelligent Energy already share some connections, with Apple’s former computer product specialist, Joe O’Sullivan, now serving as Intelligent Energy’s COO. IE also recently opened an office in San Jose, California, just down the road from Apple HQ.

Along with the possibility of fuel cells, Apple is also rumored to be adopting new materials such as unbelievably scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and perhaps more Liquid Metal. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to sport a modest 1,900mAh battery when it launches this fall, but it’s beefier brother, the 5.5-inch iBeast, will have a 2,500 mAh battery (if it ever makes it out the gate).

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    That would be nice to have a week long battery. I’m wondering when these prices these data service companies charge to download/upload data via cellular. It’s ridiculous how much they are gouging everyone. It costs more money just do download a movie or a large (high res) song file than it is to actually pay for the content. What a rip off. I don’t think many people realize this.

    • Jared Porter

      Just use ubiquitous WiFi

    • Barrett Jasper

      So you can see the resolution of a song? “Hi-Def” is what you mean ;-)

      • natjsb

        There’s a technical correctness of using “high res” in audio codec terms to tell quality. Although people can’t use “high res” by itself because there are other factors that make up for the audio quality. Anyways, I’m just nitpicking as well. :) The person has a point about data charges… but there are other ways to connect and download the song file other than cellular data connectivity.

      • Barrett Jasper

        High resolution = images.
        High-Definition = Audio.

        When spoken in terms of “files”

      • natjsb

        You don’t have to tell me that. You should have left the guy alone. Just read between the lines.

  • imajoebob

    Yeah. This will work. While it doesn’t discuss the specific fuel cell being considered, most of these are hydrogen-based. The TSA won’t let you on a plane with too much Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, but they’ll let you take your iPhone that has an “IED For Dummies” kit built into the device?