Battery life will still suck on ultra-slim iPhone 6



The iPhone 6 is poised to become the thinnest, lightest iPhone Apple’s ever made, but all that thinning might mean the iPhone still won’t be able to hold a charge for more than 10 hours.

Eight iterations of iPhones have been released and we’d love to see true all-day battery life added to the features list, but according to a report on the the iPhone 6’s battery, the thinification of the iPhone 6 means it will see minimal battery gains when it launches this fall.

Supply chain sources in China claim Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone’s battery will receive a modest bump up to a maximum of 1,900mAh. That sounds like a decent boost compared to 5c and 5s which currently come with 1,570 mAh batteries, but considering the iPhone 6 will pack a larger display, the extra juice will probably be used just to maintain current battery life.

Along with a slightly larger battery, the iPhone 6 is rumored to launch in late-September, sporting a larger Sapphire glass display, improved camera, more durable TouchID, and faster CPU.

Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone is also expected to get a bigger 2,500 mAh battery, but similar sized devices like the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pack 3,000 mAh and 3,200 mAh batteries. Of course Apple has tighter control over battery performance with iOS 8 than Android handset makers, so its possible the new batteries could still give users a few more hours of battery life, but it appears that the all-you-can-eat battery life users are starving for is still a year or two away.

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  • whodakat

    You have no idea what the battery life will be like when the iPhone 6 launches. Its fine you want to blast your opinion, but don’t say it like its a foregone conclusion.

    • PTVMan

      BRAVO! It’s so clear that Cult of Mac only cares about click through rates and therefore will put anything in headlines – fact, fiction, made up, whatever.

    • ffarkle

      We certainly do have an idea what it’s going to be like – it’s going to be similar to the 5S. Apple iterates successfully, so it’s reasonable to speculate as to whether the battery life will improve much or not. Here’s my two cents worth:

      I think we should expect to see some decent gain in battery life, for two reasons. First, Apple has probably made some improvements in power management in the new CPU chip, as well as in iOS 8.

      2nd, the new screen, although bigger, may also draw less power through improved design.

      Optimistically, I’m hoping for 2.5+ days of battery life, with moderate usage and careful handling.

      And, if we don’t get that, at least the new battery cases will be a little thinner and sleeker to match the new phone.

      • Erik B. Smith

        yes such as the new LCD technology brighter and less dragging on battery….glowing apple logo, etc.

    • Carlos

      It is a forgone conclusion that it will suck. Not only because it is an iPhone and it is how it is, but because Apple batteries have a reputation of sucking ass. They’re either bulging or dying or something is always happening. Get an Apple device and keep it. first thing to go will be the battery guaranteed.

  • EH

    “Battery life will still suck” kinda of like this article? My battery life is fine and I can go all day and be fine. So this “all day” is subjective to each user. If you are on your phone 10 hrs straight ignoring people and need MORE battery get a case with extended battery, charging cables for your desk and car, or external battery pack. Whose the judge in when Apple has done “enough” to satisfy all these complaints? Don’t knock companies for pushing design and products forward.

    • Adrayven

      Same! I’m at 40-50% at end of my day.. so I get all-day battery life now.. hmmmm.. Disable that Facebook app background process Buster..!

  • Nikki C

    Does the battery life currently suck? Seems to me it’s gotten better with every iteration. The title implies the 6’s battery life will be worse– terrible even. Yet, when I read the article it say is will improve from the last version. Kind of a polarizing title for an article that says the battery will improve.

    • BusterH

      higher mAh capacity doesn’t equal longer battery life if you have a larger, more power hungry display than old models. Perhaps I’m in minority, but my iPhone battery always needs a recharge around mid-afternoon if it’s going to make it through the night.

      • Adrayven

        Yup.. I’m 40-50% at end of my day.. no recharge required.

      • Nikki C

        Sounds like you need to practice better battery management. I can go a whole day without recharge on my 5S — with heavy usage. Moderate usage, a day and a half.

      • Carlos

        You shouldn’t need to manage your battery. I took the phone out of the box, I use it, Otto lasts all day. I don’t need your manage it. I thought Apple made things that “just work”

      • Hildebrand

        Recharging during night usually is enough for me. If not, there are usually enough options during the day to recharge. The trick for both laptops and smartphones is never to leave your home or desk without a full battery.

      • Carlos

        But this is why companies like LG put a bunch of other tech on the G2. Not only a large battery but a new way of making batteries. A new way of making LCDs, using VRAM, improvements on the software and so on.

        You seem to think large screens just suck more juice. You should really delve into the innovations the competition is doing.

    • Carlos

      it will improve which means it’ll still suck. then as soon as iOS 8.0.1 comes out Apple will make sure they start killing your battery life little by little so you have to get a new phone when the iPhone 6s comes out and definitely by iPhone 7 your iPhone 6 will be so unusable that you will certainly get a new one.

      this is the Apple update game which I am proud to say I am not a part of anymore.

  • I unplug my phone at around 6AM its 6:12pm right now and my battery is at 52%. That’s not bad and it doesn’t suck at all. The article should simply inform that it wont be greatly improved due to the fact that it will be thinner.

    Note to apple: We don’t mind a thicker device for better battery life.

    • Nikki C

      The article should simply inform that it wont be greatly improved due to the fact that it will be thinner.

      … he thinks…

    • Carlos

      Nonsense to tell us this. Maybe you barely use the phone.

      as a former iPhone user I can tell you that it is terrible if you actually want to use the phone during the day.

      • By nonsense you mean pointless/useless. You are right. It does depend on how much it is used. I retract my statement.

      • Carlos

        I loved my iPhone but I just couldn’t take the awful battery life. my phone has been on for 4 hours. my screen has been on for 2 hours. I’ve watched videos on YouTube. I’m here posting on the internet and I just went below 80% and my estimated battery life left is 16 hours if I keep using it this way. if I put it in my pocket in May go to 80 hours. i’ve seen it at 200-300 hours battery when I’m not using it much.

        this is the reason I went to Android and I don’t regret it for a second.

        tablets however, ipad is still the best.

      • The fact that it didn’t last as much as you would like is why you switched to android? You do realize android is an OS. Mentioning the device you switched to would be a better statement. As it does depend on which phone you have in the first place, and how much you use it.

      • Carlos

        no. you don’t get it.

        my iPhone dropped about a third of its battery life after the 6.0.1 update. Apple completely ruined the phone through updates.

        I’m on to their update game.

        I already mentioned which phone I bought. and I’ve already updated it twice and the battery life has never been affected, unlike the iPhone.

      • I got it the first time. I was just stating you never mentioned which phone you had to me. All I read was “I switched to android”. Also have say unlike your iPhone because none of my iPhones have had worse battery life after updates.

      • Carlos

        Yes. Unlike me and the rest of the world. I wasn’t alone. Look it up. I’ve said many times which phone I have.

      • No thanks. Its pretty irrelevant because all devices batteries diminish over time.

      • Carlos

        Yes. But they don’t diminish after 8 months of use after an update and keep a getting worse after every update. That’s what apple does with updates.

        I had a guy in Macrumors say that happens to all phones.

        Problem is, I’ve updated my G2 4 times since January, one of them a major update from 4.2.2 to 4.4.2, and the battery life remained be exactly as when I took the phone out of the box.

        IOS 7 was so bloated and ridiculous it made the phone slow and stuttery as well.

        Now that we’ve seen the iPhone 6 battery it is obvious that device will suck also on battery life.

        No other phone that’s 4.7 inches has a 1,800mAh battery except the iPhone 6. Apple is totally insane when it comes to batteries.

      • Bloated HAHA Every android device is bloated with carrier and manufacture apps. They are insane yes but it will be fine.

      • Carlos

        A guy in my school bought an iPhone 5s a few months back. For some reason he was getting your number is not in service message. He couldn’t call anyway. He gave it to me to check it. All I did was restart the phone, check his settings, toggle cellular data, I also tried calling out 3 or 4 times, I also called the phone from my phone twice.

        It took maybe 10 minutes? Obviously nothing with the phone so I told him to contact his carrier.

        In that time, while I did nothing really, the phone went from 73% battery to 61% battery.

        I just smiled and gave it back.

        Nothing changes.

        The iPhone 6 will suck just the same.

        We were at a school field trip yesterday. I was checking pictures, sending them to parents all day, taking videos, checking Facebook, on the internet all day.

        I unplugged the phone at 5am, came back at 5pm after using the phone all day long heavy on the internet. I had it in my hand practically the entire day. I came back home and it was still around 43%.

        My co-teacher has an iPhone 5s. She was tethered to her purse the whole day with a battery pack she carries around.

        Still you can’t get through a day with an iPhone. As soon as you really start using it, it dies around mid-day.

      • I work in a phone repair shop both android and iPhones come in Guess which one needs a battery replacement more often,, Ooo sorry you guessed wrong.. It the samsung phones.. The iPhone battery may not last long but its certainly a better battery. Considering its half tha mAh as all other android phones it lasts pretty good.

      • Carlos

        That’s what all the Macrumors people say. Unfortunately it happens to everyone. In the real world I mean.

  • kavok

    Another whining bitch about battery life. I’ve never had battery issues with either my iPhone or iPad. I just make sure I plug it in before I go to bed and it’s fine all day. Maybe the author should quit watching porno while he’s in the bathroom and he would get better battery life too.

  • NoNonsense74

    What a joke this article is :) Seems like somebody forced him to write “something” about iPhone 6 :) …for bonus / raise perhaps?? “Suck” is a strong word … more appropriate and associated with androids…

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    There are supposedly a lot of people who do have complaints about iPhone battery life and I suppose that’s why Mophie does such a good business with their Juice Packs. I’ll admit I don’t understand why Apple goes for really thin iPhones if they have to trade-off on battery life. Currently Samsung is having a lot of fun mocking iPhone users because they have to charge their iPhones so often. It’s just a silly commercial but I’m sure it must be based on some urban legend that iPhones run out of juice faster than Samsung’s flagship smartphones.

    • Carlos

      it is not urban legend.

      it is reality. it is the reason why I left Apple iPhones.

      not Samsung. other phones are much better except the Nexus phone which are just as bad.

  • My number 1 request for iPhone since version 4= more than 1 (working) day battery duration.

    • Erik B. Smith

      its impossible to know what any one person does on average, so they aim for the middle… the larger iPhone Air will probably boast what you want as it is more executive and expensive

      • I simply want double the battery time. I prefer more battery than performance, so I’d to decrease 25% in processors in iPhone 6 (so if the A8 is 100% faster than A7, decrease it to 75% – and use the same battery. It’s not very hard, just make the new performance, get a limiter in the processor and keep the battery. Just goes on and on you will get *significant* more battery life very model.

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Another arrogant Cult of Mac article. You’re opinions are starting to sound like they came out of a high school newspaper.

  • steven taylor

    I have a note 3 that I use all day. I can forget to plug in at night and still have a tiny, TINY, bit of charge when I wake up.

    iOS multitasking has come far enough that I really want to get the 5.5″ iPhone, but battery life plays too big of a role for my use case. plus I’ve become addicted to the stylus. ;)

    I’m hoping to give iPhone another go, we’ll see.

    • Carlos

      same. I have the G2. I go all day and can go through the next with HEAVY use. I could never do that with an iPhone. and that was with a 3.5″ screen. this thing has a 5.2″ screen.

      but it isn’t the phone. it is Apple. they kill it with updates.

      the key about Apple devices is to buy them and never ever update the software.

  • CreeDiddy

    Don’t forget that iOS8 has a grayscale mode in which could possibly improve battery life. So I recommend anyone that updates to a new version of iOS to get a diagnostic done at the Apple Store to see if their is a hidden app draining the battery in the settings menu. Right now my battery is very impressive on my 5S. @ 50% brightness I use about 54 mins for every 10% usage. Now running YouTube and Streaming should give me about 5-6 hours of battery life. Battery life is based on app usage, services used, screen brightness, and overall usage to determine your battery life results.

  • digitaldumdum

    “…but all that thinning might mean the iPhone still won’t be able to hold a charge for more than 10 hours.”

    Oh NO!! Not more than 10 hours?! How can we possibly live?? How •dare• Tim Cook and his teams not discover a brand new battery technology just in time to satisfy our desperate need for ever-thinner phones. The nerve! The horror! The failure!

    But seriously, is this •already• the beginning of the endless pseudo-defects we’ll be hearing about for weeks and months? Can you really not resist putting out this kind of drivel, at least until the new iPhone gets into peoples hands?

    • Carlos

      yes. 10 hours isn’t even a full day of use. imagine what that will shrink to if you actually have to use the phone?

      • digitaldumdum

        Oh man, anyone who needs to talk on his or her smart phone for ten hours non-stop needs to either get a life, an external battery or be near a wall outlet. Personally, I’ve never been so far from an outlet or other power source that I couldn’t get a quick charge if necessary.

        The laws of physics and electricity are in play here, and immutable. Until there’s another big breakthrough in battery technology, compromises must be made.

      • Carlos

        if all you need from your phone is talk to people then why get a smartphone at all?

        with light use my phone can stay on without needed a charge for over 100hours. so yes, 10 hours is garbage.

        the more you charge it the more cycles it counts which kills your battery faster.

      • digitaldumdum

        I don’t get your complaint at all. If you can use your phone for 100 hours (which I seriously doubt), then great! The •talk• time is around 10 hours. What’s your beef?

        And hooey about battery counts and cycles. Too much worry about nothing. My iPhone 5 purchased on day one has had •much• use. It’s jailbroken, so it probably uses even more battery on occasion. And with all that time and use, I can go a day-and-a-half (in mixed use) without charging. Then,15 minutes plugged in gets me going if it dies… which it never does. People who worry about battery cycles, counts and depreciation of their battery capacity are washing their time. Apple does a lot of research and design to make sure the phone will satisfy most users needs, and do so for at •least• two to three years before the battery needs replacement.

        But take heart. I’m sure you’ll be able to find other things to complain about with the new iPhone. One or two might even be valid.

      • Carlos

        don’t lecture me about iPhones. I owned them for 3 years.

        Apple kills iPhones through updates. It is great that you can go a whole day with an iPhone. I will make sure to send you a cookie.

        I couldn’t after Apple ruined my phone. I got sick of it. I changed it. I’m happy. deal with it and move on with your life.

        yes. this phone without use can go for 300 hours.

      • digitaldumdum

        You viewed my response as a lecture? You seem to have bit of a problem. (Sub-twenty, I’m guessing.)

        First you said your phone “goes” 100 hours, now you say 300 hours… “without use.” Why not turn it off, and it’ll “go” forever. Here’s a news flash. Your phone does -not- go for 300 hours… unless you’re not using it.

        Eat your own cookies.

      • Carlos

        “talk” time means absolutely nothing BTW. “talk” time is totally irrelevant.

        you can use an iPhone for about 5 hours tops. maybe you can push it to almost 6 hours. that’s when the phone is NEW and hasn’t been updated.

        people don’t TALK on their phones. the real time is Internet Browsing time.

        The tech specs will tell you that the 5s can do 8hours of internet browsing. this is closer to 5 hours in real life.

        iPhones are fine if you never update them. Batteries start failing after 1.5 years and the phones will start shutting down on their own after they are over 2 years old.

        my 4s does it at 20% randomly. another person who has an older one shuts off sometimes at 50% they have to be plugged in to turn on again.

        Apple batteries are known to be crap. from bulging in their Macs to dying and always having issues on their phones.

      • digitaldumdum

        People don’t talk on their phones?! Carlos, you’re completely full of… cookies. What planet do you live on? Must be the “I’m-texting-and-surfing-wherever-I-am-all-the-time-and-will-never-be-satisfied-with-my-batterylife” planet. Or maybe it’s the “I’m-holding-up-traffic-while-I-check-my-email” planet. Another news flash: many of us (most of us) •do• use our phones for talking.

        What makes this so-called discussion so difficult—and now pointless—is that you’re very opinionated. You speak in absolutes. I’ve owned every iPhone model, and have •never• had battery problems. (Don’t send cookies.) My iPods, iPads and Macbook portables (5 of them) have •never• had swollen batteries, have never gotten hotter than normal and have never delivered significantly less power than advertised. Updates do •not• inherently cause poorer battery life, unless a bug was inadvertently issued (this happened once!), and in that rare case it was soon corrected. This situation can and does happen to all manufacturers.

        If you don’t like the iPhone or Apple, fine. To each his own. But roasting the whole brand based on your experience is silly; your claims are simply not widely supported in the global user community.

        Over… and out.

        (Written on a mid-2009 Macbook Pro, original battery, 80% capacity, 89% battery health, last fully charged two days ago.)

      • Carlos

        It not MY experience. Just look it up. Swollen batteries and iPhones horrible battery life are common issues. It is so bad it is a joke on the Samsung commercial.

        You’re basically one of those guys in Macrumors who say their Apple products never had ANY problems despite reality. I had a friend with 2 Macs, both batteries swollen. One a PowerBook and other the White plastic MacBook. It was a widespread issue. The issue with bad iPhone battery life and people plugged in all the time is widespread as well. Every person I know, including me, with an iPhone 4 ended up with a broken home button. I Also had the antenna issue (like everyone else). Every person with an iPhone 4 or 5 is constantly attached to a charger. I see it every day since I live in Thailand and everyone here, including the kids, have an iPhone. My wife now has my iPhone 4s, she has to charge it twice a day (which is why I gave it to her). The teacher in front of my room also has a 4s. She was showing Facebook, she touched the Facebook icon, iPhone shuts off. Now you can’t turn it on until you plug it in (this happens to my iPhone also) she plugs it in, iPhone still has 50% battery left. She’s sick of the battery on the iPhone. Was looking at my LG G2 with envy. I get home at 70% after using it all day ON THE INTERNET, as a smartphone. You know, browsing, emails, etc etc.

        So you have a 2009 MacBook you hardly use. Congratulations again.

        Also, most people don’t use their phone just for talking. I was referring to people who don’t turn on their internet. If you say you don’t even bother having internet on your phone and just use it for calls then there’s no need for a smartphone. A dumb phone will do fine.

        You are a true fanboy. Congrats

      • digitaldumdum

        Carlos, with respect, you have absolutely no idea what you’re pontificating about. You’re repeating headlines and negative Apple stories as if they were true to the last detail. Anyone can troll the Internet and dig up stories about this brand and that brand. Doesn’t make it true or real. BGR has hated Apple and iPhones until just a few months ago, and suddenly they’re in love… with a phone that hasn’t been released yet. It’s just business as usual to appeal to people like you who hate Apple, and people like me, who don’t.

        You say “I’m one of those guys in Macrumors… blah blah blah.” I have •no• idea what you’re talking about. Why do you lump everyone and everything into categories? Is that an age thing? Let’s just say that •your• Apple products suffer from so-called “widespread issues.” Maybe the supply of Apple products available in Thailand is not as good as elsewhere. But regardless of what you care to believe, I just don’t have these these problems. And I’m fairly certain the vast majority of the tens of millions of users worldwide don’t have them either, since Apple is doing great and most people love their products. Are there “reports?” Sure. Are they all valid and widespread? Hardly. There are also reports of flying saucers and the Abominable Snowman.

        By the way, not one of my iPhone Home buttons has broken, maybe because I haven’t exceeded the 1,000,000 presses as it sounds like you might have. And sorry, but neither I nor anyone I know has had any sort of antenna issue. The iPhone 4 antenna problem was a lot of BS, as has been proven time and time again. Old news. Again, maybe it’s because your local cellphone infrastructure is crap. Or, you just don’t like Apple. and believe all their stuff is bad. But rest assured that if you hold in your hand a small electronic device that relies on a radio antenna, reception will •definitely• be affected by your hand, your body and where you’re located, regardless of brand. It’s physics and electronics, and the laws are immutable, at least with current and foreseeable technology

        Oh, and just a small point, but I didn’t say I “hardly use my MacBook Pro.” Re-read my post. In fact, it’s my primary computer and I use it all the time. Battery life = great. I text, talk and surf on my iPhone and iPad all the time, and have NEVER had to recharge twice a day. Dude, if your wife is uses an iPhone 4s and has to charge it twice a day, she’s either on it more than a single charge can handle, OR… the battery is simply beyond it’s life. Again, physics cannot be changed; a battery only has a finite life, usually about two years before it seriously declines.

        Here are some options for you: go to a repair place and spend a few bucks on a new button and battery; buy these items locally, then go to youtube and do-it-yourself. It’s easy; Include an address in your next post and I’ll send one to you, no charge. In any case, stop complaining and fix it. I’m sure your wife is worth it.

        But please stop making childish, absolute statements and insisting you’re the only one with real-world Apple experience. The number of Apple products I’ve owned is far greater than you and your wife’s ages combined, and I’ve had remarkably few problems over these many years. If that makes me a “fanboy”, I’m proud to be one.

      • Carlos

        The 2 Macs that had the swollen battery were bought in Ireland. It was a widespread issue.The PowerBook he had already thrown the battery out, but I saw the White MacBook bulge with my own eyes. They had to take the battery out so it wouldn’t break the bottom of the laptop.

        You don’t use your Macbook if you’re on your third day on one charge. A brand new MacBook will die in 10 hours.

        All iPhones come from China. If what you say is true, then you’re saying Apple is selling sub-par bad crap supply chain devices at full price to some parts of the world? That’s great then, but I think Apple will disagree. All come from the same assembly plant of Chinese slaves.

        All iPhone 4 had antenna issues. The fact you have the face to deny it confirms you’re a Macrumors troll. Even Steve Jobs was forced to admit it on TV and get people free cases.

        Actually it was so bad they hired antenna engineers and completely changed the antennas on iPhone 4s. The lines are in different places and they even had to move the volume and silent switch. All because of the antenna problems in the iPhone 4.

        Everyone I know with an iPhone 4 ended up with a non functioning home button. Mine went out after around 8 months.

        If you look at the home button assembly of an iPhone 4 and and iPhone 4s, they are completely different inside the phone. My iPhone 4s, my wife has it now, is 3 years old and the button still works.

        They’re just facts. You’re a Macrumors troll. I’ve dealt with guys like you before. Your Apple products never ever ever have issues. I know. But then there’s reality and the rest of the world.

        So that’s it. You’ve never had issues, I have. That’s the end of the conversation.

      • digitaldumdum

        Not quite the end of the conversation.

        You said, “I’ve dealt with guys like you before.” Guys like me? That statement explains a lot. You’re just a little bully, Carlos, full of accusations, definitive statements and a major case of unattractive arrogance. Bully on, man. Keep making those sweeping statements, positive in the belief you’re always right.

        And by the way, this •is• being written on a 2009 Macbook Pro, •original• battery, fully charged •two days ago•, frequent use and with 18 percent to go. And yes, I do use it for more than one-sided conversations like this.

        Over and out. Again.

      • Carlos

        Thanks for your anecdotes. Now we can come back to reality

  • Erik B. Smith

    consider your source, supply chains in China…. 1) new cells for battery exploits with co-processors are being developed NOW for the iPhone 6, which if you keep up with news, is now called iPhone Air…. Such “new news” as was with the sapphire display shocker yesterday are common 3 months out and 2) buy a power bank. no phone will ever hold up to whatever everyone does differently everyday with their phone, be happy!

    • Carlos

      Not true. The LG G2 and other phones, Note 3, and others, will hold up.

      My phone will last all day and handle anything you throw at it. It has a 3,00mAh battery.

    • digitaldumdum

      Don’t bother trying to talk to Carlos. He’s a top electrical engineer, celebrated electronics designer, successful marketing expert, regarded physics professor and holds doctorates in economics, international affairs, design and a few others I’m sure I’ve missed. As such, he knows •everything•, and conversation is pointless. Cup full.

      Oh, he also •hates• Apple because his iPhone 4s battery won’t hold a full charge after two or three years, and his Home button broke and he’e too cheap (and apparently too angry) to fix it. Thankfully, Apple popularity and stock don’t depend on him.

      • Carlos


        Always take Apple things personally And end up throwing personal insults like a 13 year old.

  • mythofechelon

    Unless it adopts the same IGZO technology Apple used in the iPad Air, which would improve power consumption.

    • Carlos

      All they have to do is quit making it thinner and thinner and put a bigger battery in there. That’s all.

      • mythofechelon

        Yes, why bother attempting to refine the power-efficiency of software and hardware when you can just slap a bigger battery in there (?)

      • Carlos

        You do BOTH. Apple isn’t refining anything. iOS just gets more and more resource hungry and the battery stays the same.

        The battery on my phone is a whole new battery design. Together with new screen tech and VRAM.

        And I’ve never had to disable anything unlike in the iPhone where you have to disable everything to get through a day.

  • Andy Shorrock

    Amazes me how you’re all so certain about a product Apple haven’t released yet!

  • Apple is gradually improving battery life for its devices, my iPhone 5’s battery time is almost thrice than iPhone 4. I bet that iPhone 6 will have better battery time than iPhone 5s.

    • Carlos

      On paper. In reality iPhone battery life still sucks. That’s why it has developed that reputation.

      • Yup in Entirety and comparison with other Smartphones it really sucks, but if we compare it with former iPhone versions than it’s getting better. Have good experience because I’ve used iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s and 5 and 5’s battery time is better than all earlier versions.

      • Carlos

        Unfortunately the iPhone doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

        Because of the battery issue they lost me as an iPhone customer.

        Sorry I don’t have your patience and passion for Apple. I just went and got another phone with far superior battery life and now I’m happy.

  • Hildebrand

    Prediction: in time, battery capacity will increase while power consumption will decrease, enough for devices to run on solar energy captured by a layer in the screen.

  • Hildebrand

    Maybe poll this question: What do you prefer? A thinner device or better battery life? Apple seems to be OK with the current battery life and prefer thinner devices.

  • yobrett

    Hey Apple…we don’t need thinner and thinner iPhones.

    My iPhone battery life has ALWAYS been piss poor. I don’t know what these people that claim no battery issues with their iPhones are doing (not using their phones I’d guess), but even w/ minimal use mine barely lasts 3 hours w/o a battery case.

    Just maintain the same thickness and fill that space w/ more battery. Especially given that Airline Security have begun confiscating ‘dead devices’. Apple needs to do something about this and stop relying on battery case manufacturers to pick up their slack!

    • DR234

      It’s not Apples’s fault people want screen brightness all the way up, Bluetooth on, background refresh on for everything, wifi or data on all the time, reduced motion off, location services on all the time, and so on. That’s the consumer for not getting a phone that fits their needs. It’s been near common sense iPhone’s don’t have phenomenal battery life.

      • Carlos

        so it is people’s fault for using the phone as it comes out of the box.

        you must be like a genius or something.

        but his experience was my experience. and if makes you feel better I had none of those things on, I erased the phone several times too.

  • DR234

    I have to completely disagree that it’ll only be some 10 hour battery. I’m shocked with iOS 8 betas on my iPhone 5S I’ve gotten 23 hours 11 use, 12 standby. For me that’s huge when on iOS 7 I barely got 10 hours total usually maybe 2-4 before it was on the charger again. iOS 8 already is improving a 5S battery life in beta. iOS 8 is going to be optimized and made the most for the iPhone 6 too so adding only 15% more battery on the 4.7 inch screen may be small but I think it could get easily 24 hours on it. The 5.5 inch screen iPhone could get close to 36 hours then too.

  • JCoop

    I usually look at Cult of Mac daily but this type of article is ridiculous and out of line. I have had every iPhone but the 3GS. I have had a Note 2 and a Nexus 5. I went back to the iPhone 5s. After being back I cant believe I even tried those Android phones cause there battery life cant touch the battery life of any iPhone I have had or currently have. I mess with my iPhone all day and can easily get 1-2 days of battery life out of it. If the iPhone 6 has at least as good as battery life as the iPhone 5s I will be happy.

    • Carlos

      everything you just said is BS. I’m on android now after 3 years of iPhones and my battery life is 1,000 times better.

      • digitaldumdum

        A thousand times better! Let’s see…a three year-old battery that gets a 1000 times the op’s 1-2 days would be… (calculating)… 1000 to 2000 days on a charge… on a three year-old phone… on a “gas guzzler” Android, no less. Yeahhhh, I’m gonna have to go ahead and say that’s not quiiiiite right.

        Too bad this is not a moderated discussion, one that doesn’t let children comment.

  • Carlos

    Battery life is the reason I moved away from Apple’s iPhone.

    Screen on time ended up at 3:30hrs after 6.0.1. It was awful. also after the first year, the phone starts shutting down by itself when it still has a charge. calibrating and restoring doesn’t do anything. the web is full of people with the same issues.

    I moved to an LG G2 and after 3 years of not being able to use the phone fully, I can now use my phone really ALL DAY LONG.

    Most people at work have iPhone. either 5 or 5s and they’re constantly walking around all day with the iPhone plugged into a portable charger.

    the new Samsung ads with iPhone people plugged into the wall is like that for a reason. the battery life of the iPhone is terrible.

    for those guys saying they get home with 40% battery, congrats. I get home with 70-80% battery after actually USING the phone throughout the day.

    So yes. the iPhone Battery life is horrible. If you have an iPhone then that can’t be your only device. If that’s the only device you’ll carry somewhere you better invest in a portable charger, maybe 10,000mAh because you’ll charge it twice in one day with heavy usage.

    I was an iPhone user for 3 years. I don’t care what iPhone they come out with, I am NEVER buying another iPhone. iPADS though are another matter entirely.