Apple Goes Behind The Scenes Of Its New Spaceship Campus [Video]


What the finished product will look like.
What the finished product will look like.
Photo: Apple

A video detailing the creation of Apple Campus 2 was released this morning featuring glimpses of the Spaceship’s architectural achievements in natural ventilation, renewable energy, trees regrowth, and other revolutionary tech that’s will make it one of the best office buildings in the world.

The video also features interviews of the people behind the campus, like architect Norman Foster, who tells the story of how Steve Jobs recruited him for the job of building Apple Campus 2 and how the project didn’t start as a circular building but grew into that as the intensive project progressed.

Check out the video below, before Apple takes it down:

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  • milkeslikeacat

    This video was released at least a few month ago, if not last year. I don’t know what all the excitement is about.

  • mathewmakio

    If the top level is an endless revolving escalator the building will officially be the boom dizzle

    • mathewmakio

      Otherwise, there is far too much walking involved. I pass.

  • StupidPeopleShouldntBreed

    a article about a video that no longer works. awesome work!