iPhone 6 Might Feature A Bezel-Free Display [Rumor]



The Rumor: Xcode 6 hints that bigger iPhones are coming out soon thanks to its resizable iOS simulator tool.

The Verdict: It's only a matter of time. Apple rarely tells developers when a new product is coming out, but there's usually clues hiding out in new software dished to WWDC attendees every year. At this point, we're probably only 2-3 months away from the big iPhone 6 announcement. I wonder what other clues will be discovered before then.

The iPhone 6 is still many months away from launching but the rumor mill has sprayed a steady stream of rumors about Apple’s next handset, with the latest claiming Apple will ditch the iPhone’s bezel for an edge-to-edge display.

Citing an industry source, The Korea Herald reports Apple is testing a prototype iPhone 6 that sports a bezel-less screen that features a fingerprint scanner.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard whispers that Apple will use an bezel-free display to increase screen size while making minimal impact on the device’s footprint, but the Herald also says Samsung plans to add a bezel-free display to the Galaxy S5 as well.

Samsung plans to add a fingerprint scanner to the bottom area of its bezel-free display, but the report is unclear as to whether the iPhone 6 will have a similar feature or the Touch ID scanner introduced with the 5s.

Other rumors have suggested Apple will release two iPhones this year with bigger displays, a supercharged camera, and maybe even a solar-powered sapphire crystal display, but if it looks something like this we’ll be drooling up, down, and all-around it on launch day.


Source: Korea Herald
Via: GforGames

  • justrebooting

    A home screen without messaging, or browser / a bit unconventional (or lack of icons on home screen) / just kidding / i would love this design, but alas it will probably never happen :(

  • MeganBlok

    This makes the most sense. Especially since Apple (and I) love the one handed use factor of the smaller screens.

  • kwade

    the concept of a bezel free screen is awesome, but let’s hope it doesn’t look like the mock up above. i don’t want a phone that looks like a samsung galaxy.

  • Bjamesreed

    My mockup
    I think they won’t reduce the size of the finger print sensor, they will move away from the round side buttons for the volume, it will adopt the speaker holes of the 5c, They’re not gonna go with a cliche like a curved screen. NFC and wireless charging might be implemented

    128 gb max, 32 min memory. 1.5 ghz i8 and a coprocessor
    10 mp camera with higher frame rate for slo-mo
    Sapphire used for back “windows” and front glass



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