iOS 7 Adoption Climbs To 80 Percent


  • MrsCleaver

    I’m glad someone keeps up with such things as adoption percentages… I guess. For my part, however, iOS 7 could reach 99.99999 percent adoption, and I wouldn’t care. Out of the box, iOS 6 looks and feels better to me. Jailbreak iOS 6 with evasi0n, and it’s a hundred times better than that. But if, like me, you took that route, and then compared it to a jailbroken iOS 7, you’re probably disappointed.

    My iPhone 5 on evasi0n 6.1.2 works so well, is so useful and rock solid, I’ll live with it until I think I’m missing out on something truly important. So far, flat icons, a lame control center and colors that suit a teenage girl aren’t compelling enough reasons.

    Ah, but to each their own.

  • markymac

    That’s incredible especially when compared against the sea of Android OS versions on devices that will never see a version of Android beyond Gingerbread.

    Good chance that the majority of iOS 6 users probably don’t even know about the update and if they do don’t know how to do it despite how easy it is to do it.

    The other holdouts are probably iOS 6 lovers like MrsCleaver.

  • iSteve

    This is the result of controlling both the hardware and software. It’s work like magic and is insanely great.

    Can’t wait for iOS 8…Stay hungry, stay foolish!

  • DJBabyBuster

    iOS 6 stanks.
    Jailbroken iOS 7 all the way.