iOS 7 Adoption Rate Already Beats Latest Version Of Android



iOS 7 has been out for less than one day, and already has an adoption rate of over 13 percent, according to analytics firm, Mixpanel. Compare that with Google’s latest version of Jellybean for Android devices, which hovers around an 8.5 percent adoption rate after a month.

iOS 7 Adoption Rate

As you can see in Mixpanel’s live data chart above, iOS 7 has been adopted by 13.45 percent at the time of this writing. Mixpanel told us that they measure this data from the over 1,420 businesses that hire them to track actions in mobile apps and websites, including iOS versions.

Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera is already seeing a two to one iOS 7 to iOS 6 ratio for visits to its website, and our own web analytics show iOS 7 rising to the top of the user agents, as well.

Apple’s mobile operating system has historically shown a much larger rate of adoption than Google’s, perhaps due to the many more devices that use Android, and Apple’s own approach to hardware and software integration. Last October, a month after iOS 6’s release, CNET reported that iOS adoption rates were at 63 percent. Just this past July, Apple sent an email to developers to brag about its 93 percent adoption, asking devs to compare to Android, which at the time hovered somewhere between 20 and 30 percent adoption of the latest Android operating system.

The entry of a company like Mixpanel into the fray of measurable action items to show the level of mobile OS adoption will be telling as companies release their official numbers in the future. Perhaps Mixpanel will follow the rate of the upcoming Android system, KitKat, with as much detail as it is the iOS 7 release, and we’ll be able to compare directly within the same measurement system. Hooray!

Source: Mixpanel
Via: Oliver Cameron