Surfboards, Spacesuits and Scooters: Jony Ive Talks About RED Auction [Video]




Apple Design Genius, Jony Ive and famed designer Marc Newson have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind collection of items to be auctioned off for Bono’s Project (RED). Not only have the pair collected a number of objects for the auction that are fantastic in their own right, but they’ve also teamed up to create some truly lustworthy products like the gorgeous Leica M, a super-minimalist aluminum desk and this $60k red Mac Pro.

The auction is set to take place on November 23rd and even though mere mortals like us can only dream of having enough cash to drop 70 large on a “Zvezda” Soviet Cosmonaut Suit – all in the good name of fighting AIDS and Tuberculosis of course – Sotheby’s has published a video of Jony and Marc discussing why they chose the items in their collection.

Short answer, via Jony: “The criteria that we both had was that we both just wanted to own each one really badly.”

Here’s the video:

Jony then goes on to talk about how much energy they exerted making just one single Leica M in hopes that some other exorbitantly wealthy person will be compelled to give money to charity:

“We wanted it to be light. We didn’t want to make it from brass, we wanted to make it from aluminum. We used the most advanced tools that we possibly could to make it. I mean we’ve made prototype after prototype. Having spent so much energy making this, as if we were going to make millions of them, but we’re only going to make one.”

A full listing of the items up for grabs can be found over at Sotheby’s. Bono’s (RED) auction with Jony and Marc is a follow up to the original (RED) auction that was held in New York in February in 2008 and raised over $40 million to fight AIDs in Africa.

Thanks: James!