Apple Updates Website With New iPad Photos And Features


Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 2.32.37 PM

Following the Apple iPad keynote that just ended, has been updated with new information about the third-gen tablet. Apple has chosen to go with neither “iPad 3” or “iPad HD” and just call it “the new iPad.”

The new website marquee features the device’s gorgeous Retina display, features, pricing details, and tech specs. There are also two new ads that can be streamed.

Here are some of Apple’s highlighted features on the website:

  • Marius Muntean

    5MB iSight Camera?!?!?! that’s a lot of b…… wait a minute!!!

    5Mp …

  • Boris

    A resolution is impossible without a resolutionary situation; furthermore, not every resolutionary situation leads to resolution.
    ~ Sladimir Lenin

  • Agree (with Alumnus)

    You say you want a resolution… well, you know…

  • CharliK

    Actually only one of them is an AD. but whatever. 

    I was laughing at the 2 year old that figured out that you can swipe the smart cover open and closed. Kept him busy for a good 20 minutes while I finished dinner.