Apple Confirms New iPad Will Have LTE [iPad 3 Event] | Cult of Mac

Apple Confirms New iPad Will Have LTE [iPad 3 Event]



Looks like everyone was right: the iPad 3 will indeed have LTE for speeds up to 72Mbps, along with HSPDA 3G for speeds up to 42MBps. Everywhere else will fall back on 3G.

But who are Apple’s partners? In America, Verizon & AT&T, but not Sprint. In Canada, Rogers, Bell & Telus.

Since they use different bands, in the US, there will be too different LTE iPads: a Verizon and AT&T SKU.

Both models are 3G world-ready. And, even better, they support personal hotspot, the first time an iPad has done that!

“This new iPad has the most wireless bands of any device that’s ever shipped.” It should work anywhere, on almost any network. That’s amazing.

Even more amazing? Apple says LTE battery life is 9 hours, just one hour less than WiFi battery life of 10 hours. That’s a huge leg up on the competition.

[Image via GDGT]