No iPad 3, No iPad HD. Just ‘The New iPad’ [iPad 3 Event]


The 'New iPad.' Photo Engadget
The 'New iPad.' Photo Engadget

Apple will no longer diffeentiate between the various iPad models, not by name at least. Starting today and going forward, iPads will be plain iPads, with no “1”, or “2”, or even “HD” suffix. When Tim Cook introduced the new iPad at today’s press event, he just called it “The new iPad.”

This makes a lot of sense. All of Apple’s other lines have only one name, with the exception of the iPhone. When you dig a little further you find that each model has its own code name for repair and other purposes, but it’s always something like “Late 2011 iMac 27 inch.” The most you’ll get out of Apple now is “third-generation iPad” when mentioned in promo videos. Expect that to fade away soon.

Numbers make some kind of sense for the iPhone. Most people are on a two-year contract cycle with their carriers. If they head to the AT&T store looking for a new phone, and all they see is a “iPhone,” then they may assume it’s the same they already have. Adding in the numbers — iPhone 4, iPhone 4S — tells them that something has changed.

For the iPad, though, sold without carrier subsidies or contracts, the numbers were always a little weird. Better to position the iPad as the computer it really is. And if you want further evidence that Tim Cook thinks of the iPad as a computer, and as the real future of Apple, note how he presented iPad sales at the start of the event. Cook showed a slide comparing iPad sales to PC sales. The iPad sold 15 million units last quarter. HP sold 15.1 PCs.

So that’s it. The iPad is finally a computer. Let’s just see if the PC tech press can stomach that.

  • Sean Shamus McCabe

    I’m still calling it the iPad 3

  • Skywaytraffic

    Coming from an Apple fanboy, this was a fucking idiotic decision. Are they going to start calling the iPad 2 “The Old iPad”? What happens when the next model comes out? How will they easily differentiate for the people who aren’t tech-inclined (aka the majority of consumers)? Bad, bad move. Man. I must admit, it might seem like a silly thing to gripe about, but this makes me pretty concerned about Apples future. Such a small thing could have a hugely negative impact.

  • xnickitynickx

    The entire computer line doesn’t differentiate like that.  Theres no MacBook 5 is there?  Not to mention, the iPods don’t do it either.  I think it’ll just shift to being differentiated by year.  So this is iPad (2012), much like MacBook Airs are MacBook Air (Early 2012)

  • Skywaytraffic

    Agreed, but no matter how much us techies want to make it so, tablets are NOT PCs (yet). I’ll give ya the iPod argument though. Fair enough. But iPods aren’t responsible for 76% of Apples revenue. iPads are. I think it’s dangerous to fool around with the ease of the average dumb-dumb consumer being able to pick which model they like best. That’s just an opinion though!

  • thenetizens

    The name “The New iPad” doesnt make sense at all. When you go to a store to buy a latest version, you would like to boast of it… imagine how would it be if it was iPad3 or iPad4G ? 

    the new ipad name would have been better if all other older iPad versions have been discontinued atleast.

    Customer 1: I bought a new iPad for $499.
    Customer 2: I bought a new iPad for $399 only!! (a new ipad2) :P

  • Mike Rathjen

     Well I’m calling mine the iPad 4, so take that!

  • thenetizens

    atleast the naming system should be a marketing trick… something like iPhone3G and 3GS … 

  • MacGoo

    But think about it: how can you “dumb” it down anymore than making it simply “iPad”? “Dumb” people are going to come in asking for the iPad. They won’t know which one they want. So giving the most current version that name makes sense.

  • MacHead84

    Im holding off for the New iPad 2, or maybe I can wait til the Newer iPad comes out

  • MacHead84

    Im holding off for the New iPad 2, or maybe I can wait til the Newer iPad comes out

  • Skywaytraffic

    I guess I just disagree. Having two “iPad”s that are different I think will confuse a lot of people. I think most people would find it easier just being asked “Oh well do you want an iPad 2 or 3”. Their brains will automatically know the higher number is better and they wouldn’t have to waste the employees time asking the differences and being concerned that they’re getting ripped off, etc. Again, just an opinion, but I see it causing major problems.

  • shoobe01

    It has always been stupid how they didn’t differentiate PCs, or iPods either. Oh, there’s a tediously long model number, which correlates to model “names” like “unibody, late 2005” descriptions, but it’s not productive. You don’t have to stamp it on the front or advertise, but give it a useful model name, somewhere. 

  • Skywaytraffic

    I’ll wait until The Super Maximum New iPad comes out

  • 5?

    New iPad?  When I heard the new name or no name, I just realize the Steve Jobs era is really  gone….

  • Eduard Tiesto

    I totally agree with Netizens and  Erik before me. As long as they didn’t
    discontinue the iPad 2, calling the newer one just iPad is misleading
    and silly. From this
    point of view, the argument about iPad being a computer and all that also doesn’t
    stand. The reason they don’t call an MBP “MBP 1/2/3” is because they DISCONTINUE their
    current gen to make room for the next one. It’s just stupid to call “the old one the second” and have them both in production. Very un-Apple.

  • Mike Rathjen

    What’s wrong with “iPad MD369LL/A”? It practically rolls right off the tongue!

  • Laer Carroll

    It should be called an iPad 2.5 – NOT an iPad 3!

  • Jordan Clay

     This is exactly what I was thinking. I think the iPad 3 4G (but not all of them) would confuse even the tetchiest of people

  • Jordan Clay

     goes to show,  You can’t make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time.  It was a big update, 

  • Crccomputer Brooklyn

    Excellent Product 

  • Crccomputer Brooklyn

    Excellent Product 

  • Daniel O Reilly

    agree…have to say, i was shocked by ‘the new iPad’ name and was waiting for a ‘Just one more thing moment….’. It just doesn’t seem to have been really thought through. Even the updated website doesn’t feel right. the clean cut, clear webpages have gone, replaced with ‘wordy’ pictures that take away from the usual stunning visuals. Then the new videos, all titled in “quote marks”….”Learn” etc.   Makes you realise how much control SJ really must have had! I hope they got it together and don’t become just another company!

  • Rachel Wynkoop

    Then what are they going to call the next iPad? 

  • Todd Hensley

    I don’t care as long as they make it easier to figure out what version/generation you do have.  I have an older iPod touch, and I couldn’t remember what generation it was.  The etching is pretty much rubbed off of the back (not that it was ever very readable to begin with).  So determining it based off the etched serial/model number or whatever was out of the question.  The “about” screen isn’t as much help as you’d think it is.

  • James White

     That will simply be called the Maxi Pad.
    …hang on. No it won’t.

  • Sadie Heldberg


    As of tomorrow, Apple will be launching the iPad3 and I hope
    everyone pre-ordered the beautiful new step in innovation. I’m anxious to see
    the retina display in action and I’m sure many of you are as well, I can
    understand the debate that iPads are not laptops but I don’t think they are
    designed to be. More like the motor-vehicles version of the in-between known as
    the crossover. I have a few friends I work with at Dish who pre-ordered their
    iPad3s already while I am still using my iPad2 due to finances. The HD retina
    display and other features are insane from what I have read but seeing will be
    the true divine test. I travel for work so my iPad is my constant companion
    helping me to be on my toes with business and pleasure. The apps available are
    fantastic no matter which Pad; I’ve been using Dish Remote Access for my escape
    app. It live streams all my HD programming from my Dish Sling Adapter that connects
    to my DVR to my iPad2 with no limitations so movies are awesome for a delayed
    flight. With the release of the iPad3 happening tomorrow an excitement burns
    inside me just knowing the new technology has launched. New technology means
    advancement in the innovative world and that is constantly moving at a speed of
    light pace.