Apple Puts More Finishing Touches on Lion 10.7.2 with New Beta



Apple has seeded OS X Lion 10.7.2 Build 11C71 to developers. The update addresses no major issues and instead focuses on some finishing touches for what will most likely be the public launch of OS X 10.7.2 next week.

This beta build of OS X makes a few slight improvements to the Lion Recovery tool and fixes a firmware password issue with Find My Mac. Earlier today, Apple also released iTunes beta 9 for developers currently testing iTunes Match.

The previous beta build of Lion addressed several issues with iCloud, and Apple will push out an official Lion update to customers with iCloud integration when the service is made available to the public after Apple’s next media event.

  • Nudsui

    imho one of the features should be backing up versions to the cloud. Why store them on the computer when you can store it on apple? Also, the whole point of versions is so you never lose a spot of data but if your harddrive fails…itd be better to have it backed by apple rather than just the completed document.

  • iHaveScales

    I’d like to see a fix to launchpad… It drives me crazy that I can’t choose what is on there. Let us delete stuff easily already, I have tons of useless icons stuffed in folders. I’d also like to see minimized windows in mission control.

  • erfon elijah

    agreed.  i don’t need to see my adobe un-installers in launchpad

  • Nudsui

    let us rearrange desktops!! its kinda annoying how when safaris fullscreen and i want to fullscreen itunes i need to window safari, fullscreen itunes, and then re-fullscreen safari to get it in a nice order. ergh

  • Juan david Benincore

    what about overheating? tried everything and nothing seems to fix this issue!

  • Chase Hausman

    Have you looked at iCloud at all?  iCloud Website

  • Michael

    Same here. Also, every time I restart my computer the launchpad arranges itself however it wants, so I have to rearrange it back to how I like it.

  • Moctavian

    All these months they focus on making iCloud related bugs and such. What about real issues and bugs? Who cares about iCloud if the whole OS is crawling with bugs.

  • JohnMeine978565

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  • dale2000

    I agree so very much.

  • prof_peabody

    Overheating would be a hardware issue not a “Lion issue.”  

  • prof_peabody

    I’ve been using Macs since they were first around and I have a dream … 

    The dream is that someday, they will make a version of the OS where the finder windows stay where you put them and the arrangement of things inside the windows and folders remains the same as you left them the last time you actually used said folder or window.  

    It’s been twenty years or so now, you’d think someone would have solved this by now.  

  • martinberoiz

    I agree with you, but you can rearrange them clicking on the icons on the dock.