A Million Chinese Cases Based Off Of Foxconn Leaks Say A Radically Thinner Teardrop iPhone 5 Is Coming



While the possibility of an iPhone 5 with an all-new design has been quashed in recent rumors, case makers in China are still confident that Apple will have a surprise up its sleeve come October 4. So confident, in fact, that you’ll be surprised at how many iPhone 5 cases are already available.

As you’ll see in the video below, put together by MIC Gadget, iPhone 5 cases are already available in China in a plethora of different colors and designs. One thing that is consistent with all of them, however, is their dimensions.

Every single case is designed to fit exactly the same design, and suggest the iPhone 5 will indeed boast that teardrop design that’s 33% thinner than today’s iPhone 4. They are obviously the spawn of those leaked iPhone 5 case designs, and possibly that iPhone 5 prototype that went missing from the Foxconn factory.

Although it’s hard to believe anything until Apple officially announces it, there cases are worth paying attention to. As Fortune explains:

There is reason to take these designs seriously. Chinese case manufacturers compete vigorously for narrow margins. They know their business and are not beyond using extra-legal means to get their hands on Apple’s top secret prototypes. In June a Chinese court sent three people to prison on conspiracy charges for selling an early design for the iPad 2 to a case maker willing to pay 20,000 yuan ($3,000) for first crack at the market.

On top of this, I struggle to believe that Chinese case manufacturers would invest money and resources into producing cases that may be completely useless. They must be pretty confident that this is what the iPhone 5 will look like in order to produce hundreds of thousands of these things.

What do you think?

  • Flaco1987

    i think, all will be revealed October 4th 2011… till then I refuse to believe anybody.

  • JoViKe

    Based ON, not based OFF OF!

    I like the wedge shape.

  • Davidvences26

    Watch it just be for a bigger iPod touch.

  • Chris

    Apple won’t make this…how should you play landscape games then?

  • Julio Mourão

    good thinking

  • Ian

    personally I think this case is genuine… but rather than for a new iPhone it will be for a new redesigned iPod Touch. This would probably make the iPad touch a touch (pardon the punn) fatter. but I think that would be necessary to upgrade the currently very poor camera.. I also understand that there is space for a silence/lock screen switch… but the iPad has this too, so perhaps they are bringing it in line with other iOS products. A bigger screen iPod makes more sense to me than a bigger screen iPhone.

  • WhoIsMikePierce

    Turn it sideways…. the same way you do on the droid x, bionic, and other phones with a similar feel

  • Michael

    I think making these cases is trivial and cheap, and the manufacturers are willing to take shots at any design leak so they can hit the market quickly. In other words, these could be trashed once the final product gets released.

  • Bunnytrifecta

    Hold it sideways in your hands.

    I’ve heard this argument before, but I’ve never seen anyone playing a game in landscape with the iPhone/iPod flat against the table.

  • TheRealJTRay

    I think the same.  I bigger iPod Touch would be a nice add to the iPod line if you believe they plan to get rid of the shuffle and classic models. 

  • Bunnytrifecta

    Exactly correct! totally agree with you.

    (*For what it’s worth*) I had a long conversation with the manager of an AT&T store last night and even he stated that the new iPhone 4S won’t be anything more than a speed-bumped iPhone 4. He stated that this new iPhone will be less about the physical design and more about the overall user-experience in how it integrates with iOS5. 

    Honestly I’m not happy if that turns out to be the case, but what can you do? I’m already so heavily invested with iPhone apps and stuff, that a possible switch to Android would be a tough pill to swallow.

  • Bunnytrifecta

    A new and bigger screen iPod Touch would be more ideal for handheld gaming and better in competing with other brands handheld devices.

  • Infinity10

    You can always count on the Chinese for bullshit like this.

  • Beri

    Off of?

  • Poop123


  • Turkishdreampad

    Fuck you youre a fuckin Peter puffer

  • DavidRStewart

     “A Million Chinese Cases Based Off Of Foxconn . . .”  
    It seems that suddenly in the past few years everyone under a certain age is using the phrase “based off”.  I can only guess that some character on a popular TV show used this phrase a lot.
    There is actually NO such word-phrase in the English language. “Based off” is, in fact, meaningless.  Something can NOT be “based” and “off” at the same time.
    I believe the meaning you kids are attempting to get across is actually the meaning conveyed by the accepted English word-phrase, “based on”.
    I am sorry if I am coming across as a “douche”, but you are writing professionally, and if you want your work to be considered as having anything worthwhile to offer it needs to meet certain standards of literacy.