What the Next iPhone’s Assistant Feature Will Probably Look Like [Video]



MacRumors has helped put together an artist’s rendition of what the next iPhone’s top secret iOS “Assistant” feature will look like. The artist is Jan-Michael Cart, also known as the man behind many of the popular Apple concept videos that have circulated around the internet.

Nuance’s voice technology will power Assistant for iPhone 5/4S users. The feature will reportedly not work on older devices due to the need for Apple’s A5 processor.

Cart imagines the design of Assistant based off an earlier report that detailed the feature extensively. MacRumors claims to have heard the same info about what Assistant will be like:

“We’ve created this artist rendition (above) of what the Assistant interface looks like based on sources with knowledge of the feature. After a long press on the home button, the screen fades and slides up, just like with the multitasking interface. Revealed is a silver icon with an animated orbiting purple flare which indicates a ready state. From what we’ve been told, this image is a close representation of the actual Assistant interface.”

Here’s a video of how Assistant will likely work on the next iPhone:


The feature works very much like the Siri Assistant app in the App Store, with Nuance’s voice recognition technology working to determine what specific need the user wants met. We love the way that Cart has imagined the displayed info in the iOS Notification Center pulldown.

Who’s excited for Assistant?

  • Pickbeans

    Anything to sell a new device, huh Apple? Bla.

  • imex94
  • mtkkajak
  • mtkkajak
  • innopolis
  • Samuel Shallenberger

    I love this guy, he does some amazing mock-up OS videos.

  • TeeJay1100

    No offense to anyone, but Android has had voice controls for years already, this is nothing new. I really do hope that come October 4th this announcement isn’t mostly about voice recognition and a new app. For a 16month wait you would think it will be more to it than this.

  • Chris Killen

    But Siri and Assistant are better VR software than Android offers. So, yeah, Android had the tech before Apple, but Apple is trying to make it better. 

  • dwplay11

    The more I hear about this Nuance integration coming on the new iPhone, I get more convinced that it won’t be physically different from the iPhone 4. I remember getting the 3GS and the only difference from the iPhone 3g was that it was twice as fast, and could record video. If this assistant feature is only for the iPhone 5/4s, along with the speed bump, then its all we’re getting. Not tu mention iCloud. Better get my hopes down now then come tuesday.

  • Erik Maier

    This is literally exactly how it ended up actually looking. wtf?

  • BrianVoll

    And it looks exactly like it should..