Star Trek: Beyond gets fast and furious in first trailer


Kirk is back.
Kirk is back.
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Star Wars week is finally here, and what better way to celebrate The Force Awakens than with our first look at the next movie in the Star Trek series?

Paramount Pictures debuted the first trailer for Star Trek: Beyond, directed by Justin Lin of Fast & Furious fame. Kirk and the gang are back in action, and it looks like they’ve got a host of new aliens to contend with, including Idris Elba who’s dressed up as some lizard-like alien bad guy.

Check it out:

Star Wars fans love the series’ most dangerous tech


Star Wars Force Awakens Rey BB-8
This could be you, you heartless nerds.
Photo: Lucasfilm

A new poll of the most-wanted technology from the Star Wars universe shows that fans may not have really thought their answers through.

The survey comes courtesy of Harris Poll and software developer myDevices and asks one question: “If you could have any technology from the Star Wars trilogy, which would you want?”

While we approve of the study ignoring the prequels completely, we aren’t sure about the winners because it sounds like what these fans are really requesting are amazing and spectacular deaths.

Play Darth Vader with Siri and get some hilarious responses


The popularity of selfies made them the Oxford Dictionary's
Hey, Siri...
Photo: Star Wars

The whole tech world is losing its mind with Star Wars mania, and Apple’s no exception. Hidden within Siri is a neat reference to George Lucas’ epic space opera — accessible when you use the iconic “I am your father” line from the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

Check out some of Siri’s best responses below.

Google unleashes wonderfully nerdy Star Wars Easter egg


This is certainly the Easter egg you're looking for.
Photo: David J. Rodger

As a company staffed by some bona fide geeks (and, hey, we’re not complaining!) Google is undoubtedly excited about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And what better way to show it than with possibly my favorite Easter egg in Google history? If you haven’t heard about it yet, read on to discover more.

Apple acquires company behind Star Wars SFX


Apple now owns one of the hottest facial recognition companies in town.
Apple now owns one of the hottest facial recognition companies in town.
Photo: Faceshift

When you go to theaters to see the latest Star Wars movie, the special effects — particularly the faces of aliens — will now be driven by Apple technology. That’s because Apple has purchased Faceshift, a Zurich-based company that has created cool tech to capture a person’s facial expressions in real time.