Microsoft Send is like WhatsApp for work emails


Send is one part email, one part instant message.
Send is part email, part instant messenger.
Photo: Microsoft

The Microsoft Garage has churned out a new iOS productivity app aimed at streamlining the email experience so users can get in, get in contact, and get on with their work lives as quickly as possible.

The new iOS-only app, Send, aims to make email threads more like short IM messages by stripping out the hassle of finding your contacts, writing subject lines, and keeping tabs on your inbox.

Win-doh! Microsoft announces its largest ever net loss


Hopes are now squarely pinned on Windows 10.
Photo: The Dark Knight

Apple had a massive quarter, beating its own internal estimates, and yet still saw its stock slide following yesterday’s earnings call.

You know who had it much, much worse, though? One-time rival Microsoft, which reported its highest-ever net loss for the quarter after writing off billions for the failure of its Nokia handset division, and witnessing plummeting demand for PCs.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is here

Office 2016 is finally here
Office 2016 is finally here
Photo: Microsoft

After previewing its productivity suite to testers for the past four months, Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is now available to anyone with an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft announced this morning that the final version of Office 2016 is ready for primetime, marking the biggest update to come to Office for Mac since the last version was released nearly five years ago.

The new version of Office boasts a number of huge features that were designed with Mac in mind, including an improved user interface that feels like it’s part Windows, part Office for Mac 2011. The familiar Ribbon user interface is still around and plays nicely with OS X features like sandboxed, apps, Retina screen optimization, Multi-Touch gestures, and full screen views.

Check out some of the new goodies:

Microsoft’s new app lets you poll friends to plan events


Tossup by Microsoft.
Tossup by Microsoft.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft has been killing it on iOS with its lineup of premium productivity apps. Now the company is trying to make organizing group outings a lot more fun with is new app Tossup from the Microsoft Garage.

Out today on both iOS and Android, Tossup allows large groups of friends and family to make decisions on things like where to eat, what movie to see, or who should be invited.

Here’s a demo of how it works:

MIT: Apple is smarter than Snapchat, dumber than Google


Tim Cook's commencement address demonstrated again how deeply he understands Apple culture.
Photo: George Washington University

Tesla Motors is the smartest company in the world, according to MIT Tech Review’s latest survey of the brainiest corporations. Apple, which was not on last year’s list returns at number 16, beating out other firms like ride-sharing company Uber and smartbulb-maker Philips. MIT cites the newly released Apple Watch and touchless payment method Apple Pay as its reasons for inclusion, saying that these two products “set the pace for competitors.”

You can see the full list of smartiespants in the table below.