Apple Watch beats Rolex in luxury brands ranking


Not everybody who bought the Apple Watch is wearing it.
The Apple Watch was the only smartwatch which made the list.
Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch has displaced Rolex on a list of luxury global brands, as measured by analytics firm NetBase, measuring social media mentions and consumer sentiment from more than 700 million posts between 2014 and 2015.

The Apple Watch took the no. 1 place in the list’s “watches” category — made all the more impressive by the fact that it was the only smartwatch featured. Other watchmakers it outranked included Tag Heuer, Richemont, Curren and Patek Phillippe.

Your boring Apple gear would look so much better dipped in 24k gold


Goldgenie offers the iPhone 6s with a couple of additional upgrades, diamonds and gold.
Goldgenie offers the iPhone 6s with a couple of additional upgrades, diamonds and gold.
Photo: Goldgenie

Sure you can get you MacBook or iPhone in gold or rose gold colors. Or for a few bucks more – OK, several thousand dollars more – you can get your Apple products plated with real 24K gold.

Maybe the bitten Apple logo on your devices is enough status symbol for you, but Goldgenie, with offices in London and Dubai, is betting there are a few Apple fans drawn to the hypnotic shine of the precious metal.

Jony Ive denies that Apple is turning into a luxury company


Hermes Apple Watch bands are now available on their own.
Apple couldn't wait to hop into bed with French luxury house Hermès.
Photo: Apple

Jony Ive sure loves his designer goods, but don’t suggest to him that products like the new high-end Apple Watch Hermès are turning Apple into a luxury company.

“We don’t think in those terms,” Ive says in a new interview. “I’m not comfortable with words like exclusive.”

This from the guy who made a $17,000 smartwatch!

Luxury watchmaker IWC takes on Apple Watch with new strap sensor


This ugly sensor is IWC's answer to Apple Watch. Photo: IWC

If you need more evidence that the luxury Swiss watchmakers are as truly screwed as Jony Ive predicted, look no further than IWC’s laughable answer for keeping up with the Apple Watch.

The luxury watch company is adding a smart sensor called IWC Connect to the strap of its Big Pilot watch, a favorite of horologist collectors including John Mayer. Details on what the fitness sensor can actually do haven’t been revealed, but IWC created a ridiculously dramatic teaser trailer for the new strap that you can watch below:

See Jony Ive and Marc Newson talk Apple Watch design


Jony Ive gets animated as he talks about Apple Watch. Photo: Vogue
Jony Ive gets animated as he talks about Apple Watch. Photo: Vogue

Jony Ive and his BFF Marc Newson launched Apple into the luxury market this week with the Apple Watch, which expertly straddles the line between gadget and fashion accessory.

Apple’s dynamic designing duo sat down with Vogue’s Suzy Meeks this week to talk about their first foray into the fashion world — as well as what inspired them to create the Apple Watch. We rounded up the top 8 revelations from the pair’s appearance earlier this week, but Vogue just made the full interview available online, and it’s full of juicy insights into Jony and Marc’s thought processes.

Watch the full interview below:

Your new 30K iWatch is just a click away


Got $30k to drop on this diamond encrusted Apple Watch bracelet? Photo: Mervis
Got $30k to drop on this diamond encrusted Apple Watch bracelet? Photo: Mervis

We don’t know when Apple Watch will hit stores, but if you can’t wait to strap your wrist with the most luxurious Apple product ever created, Mervis Diamonds has the perfect band to match the 18k gold Apple Watch you’ve been lusting after. And it’ll only set you back $30,150.

If The Doctor Used Headphones, They Would Be The Brilliant Parrot Ziks [Review]


The Starck-designed Parrot Zik.

It has the technological sophistication of a sonic screwdriver. Its design elements look as if pulled straight out of another dimension. And there may not be another set of headphones on this planet — or any other — baked with as many ingredients as the Parrot Zik.

But we were curious — would all this tech work? And how would the Ziks sound? So we poked them with a stick, and here’s what we discovered. Allons-y!

Zik by Parrot
Category: Bluetooth Headphones, Circumaural
Works With: Phones, MP3 players
Price: $399

This Ghastly Gold iPhone Case Will Cost You $10,000



Look at that big ugly thing. It’s not pretty, it’s boring, and it’s not even all that protective — leaving the top and bottom ends of your iPhone exposed to the elements. But despite these insufficiencies, its manufacturers will charge you $10,000 for the thing simply because it’s made from solid gold.

This $30K iPhone Is Also A Three-Timezone Pocketwatch



Presumably, it takes intelligence to become rich, which is what makes it so mystifying to me that so many “luxury products” are things that only swollen-tongued mooncalves would actually buy. Take, for instance, Gresso’s custom iPhone, which costs $30,000, and tries to justify that with three in-laid clocks with ten year time reserves apiece… despite the fact that if you just turn it on, the iPhone has an infinitely more accurate clock for as many time zones as you care to throw at it. Oh, there’s also the ubiquitous slathering of Swarovski crystals, if crushed glass floats your boat. Horf.