Literally The Most Dramatic iPhone 6 Concept We’ve Seen Yet [Video]

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We’ve seen a lot of iPhone 6 concepts lately.

Here’s another one, in a dramatic mock advertisement that uses a much more dramatic electronic score than the poppier serenades usually favored by Cupertino. Check out the video below!

Created by ConceptsiPhone, the iPhone 6 concept imagines a 5.5-inch iPhone with a slightly curved rear finish, just like the iPad Air and iPhone 5c.

It looks pretty great, but to critique the design, I think the biggest problem with many of the larger iPhone concepts we’ve seen lately is how asymmetrical they make the front of the phone look. I seriously doubt the design language of the next iPhone, bigger or not, will dramatically change, and definitely not so that it’s got more bezel on the bottom than on the top. Ive would simply never allow it.

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