The Most Realistic iPhone 6 Concept We’ve Seen Yet [Gallery]


iPhone 6 - 01 cd

Even though it feels like the iPhone 5s just came out, the rumor mill is already churning out little bits on the iPhone 6: a supercharged camera, a bigger display and a ton of sapphire crystal glass.

A number of designers have presented both wacky and plausible mockups for what the iPhone 6 might look like, but our concept designer friend Federico Ciccarese just sent us his rendition of what the iPhone 6 might look like. While it doesn’t have any wild design changes, it still has my pockets lusting after a 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Check it out:

iPhone 6 - 04 cd

Ciccarese’s concept makes some small tweaks to the current design of the iPhone 5s, most notably with an edge-to-edge display that would help keep the device as small as possible.

iPhone 6 - 02 cd

To add an extra feeling of thinness, Ciccarese’s concept comes with a tapered, unibody aluminum rear casing, ditching the two glass panels on the back — so Apple would have to figure out some new antenna magic. He also moved the camera lens to the center of the body.

iPhone 6 - 06 cd

Apple has changed the iPhone’s resolution every two years since introducing the iPhone 4, but they’ve never added two different iPhone screen sizes in the same year. If the new phone(s) have the same 16:9 aspect ratio as the iPhone 5s, Ciccarese predicts Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 would have a resolution of 750×1,338 while the 5.5-inch would come in at 878×1,568.

iPhone 6 - 05 cd

The larger displays would allow Apple to add a new column of app icons, or widgets or active areas on the homes creen — who knows.

  • Adrayven

    Realistic? PLEASE! Look. Edge to Edge is just NOT happening? I don’t care how many times they create virtual version of it..

    The screen would crack just sneezing on it! the bezel gives the screen a buffer from knocks.. and edge to edge doesn’t work for touch screens.. JUST… NOT…. HAPPENING…

  • robraden

    A curved back would be ignorant. You wouldn’t be able to use the thing while it’s laid flat because each touch would make it roll.

  • Paul Connell


    Agree completely. It really would be nice if these concept designers made a minimal attempt to think about the realities of manufacturing what they’re creating. The aluminum edge in this design would be, literally, about as thick as a soda can, which means it would flex and bend just holding it, and it certainly wouldn’t give the screen even a gram of protection.

    Just amazing the degree to which people live in a dream world these days.

  • BiiziiMusic

    well. who’s copying who.
    look like a sumsung to me, but with a nice apple polishing,
    apple, jt’s outsourced it’s hardware to samsung

  • Samir Shah

    4.7″ and 5.5″ if you are announcing two phones. 5″ if you are announcing one. I prefer announcing two phones and keeping iPhone 5S around even if it means having a lot of SKUs (get rid of 16GB for God’s sake). Also I prefer going to standard 1280×720 (720p) and 1920×1080 (1080p) rather than non-standard resolutions once and for all.

  • acslater017

    Front looks decent – they might be unable to do edge-to-edge, but perhaps something like the HTC One where the bezel is glossy black (like a MacBook Pro) and becomes uniform when sleeping. I feel like the earpiece, proximity sensor, and FaceTime camera could be cosmetically merged into one long group, to clean it up even further. 4.7 inches sounds just right.

    Back, no way. Unless they’ve mastered Liquid Metal, this will rock back and forth as well as disrupt radio signals. The rear camera lens has been in the same corner for 7 generations, but perhaps nudging it towards the center will reduce finger blockage.

    Either way, even-numbered years mean redesigns! Seeing the iPhone 4 and 5 was like an artifact arriving from the future. Can’t wait for September :)

  • EpicTea

    You people do realize this is verbatim the Moto X but with Aluminum, ios 7 and a button.

  • plaztiksoundz

    So, a concept that is by today’s standards virtually impossible to build with minimal quality, is the most realistic concept you’ve seen? An edge to edge that would make the aluminum sides of the phone so thin they would most likely bend if you pulled them with minimal force, a full aluminum back that needs “some magic” to work, and a tapered design that does not benefit in anything besides “looking good”?

    Why people continue to give credit to these so called “concept designers” still baffles me. Creating a concept is not the same thing as “being good in CAD/3D software”…unless it’s one of those “I-just-pulled-this-physics-defying-thing-out-of-my-ass-concept”. But then again, it’s pretty, so lets show it to the world…

  • Paul Burt

    You people do realize this is verbatim the Moto X but with Aluminum, ios 7 and a button.

    More like the HTC One, which is already aluminum. This will never happen.

  • Ianthetechman

    The back panel is pretty much a HTC one is it not ?

  • lmfs

    Pure ugliness. The ratio of elements (border, display, effective area) are all wrong with that concept. This is not Apple, it is design from the East. Horrendous design, it just look plain ugly.

    Also, it effectively make some of the new UI touch/swipe gesture a lot more difficult. Back/forward with a swipe from the edge. This is made, as often, by technicians – not by UI experts. What works and what doesn’t.

    A switch to this design would make Apple just a copycat, copying the very same design others always have copied from the start. The reason why smartphones exist