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Power up with a pair of Polaroid wireless charging stands


Power up with the Polaroid wireless charging stand 2-Pack.
Get two iPhone-compatible wireless charging stands for just $19.99.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

With a wireless charging stand, you can juice up your iPhone while simultaneously using it as a second screen. That makes a wireless charger the ultimate multitasking accessory. And you can score two Qi-compatible charging stands from Polaroid now for one low price — $19.99.

Bet you wish your iPhone could charge this fast


With a 100W of wireless charging, the Honor Magic 4 Pro powers up fast.
With a 100W of wireless charging, the Honor Magic 4 Pro powers up fast.
Photo: Honor

With the right charger, your iPhone 12 or 13 can top up pretty fast. But can it charge to 50% capacity in 15 minutes, wirelessly? Nope. But that’s what former Huawei sub-brand Honor promised Monday at MWC 2022 with its latest flagship handset, the Honor Magic 4 Pro.

Fast charging with iPhone runs about half the speed Honor claims. And though we doubt many folks would ditch their iPhones for the Honor Magic Pro 4, who knows if they’ll be able to get one, anyway. The company hasn’t specified a release date or where the phones will sell.

Samsung beats Apple to truly wireless charging over Wi-Fi waves


Samsung Eco Remote with Wi-Fi wireless charging
Its new TV remote uses your router to stay charged.
Photo: Samsung

Despite Apple’s lengthy and ongoing efforts to deliver much-improved charging technologies, archrival Samsung has beaten Cupertino in the race for truly wireless charging. Except you won’t find it in a smartphone … yet.

The South Korean company’s next-generation TV remote — announced this week ahead of CES 2022 — cleverly uses radio waves emitted from your Wi-Fi router to stay topped up so you don’t have to worry about charging it.

Quit cords once and for all with this 4-in-1 wireless charging hub


Cut the cord and grab this all-in-one charging hub.
Top up all your Apple devices at once with this $60 charging hub.
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You shouldn’t need to buy a separate charger for each of your devices. Instead of fighting to keep cords untangled and constantly juggling devices between a limited number of chargers, take a look at the Fast Charge 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Hub. This charging hub can power four devices at once, and it’s on sale for $59.99 (regularly $99).

iPad mini set for big redesign, while MagSafe makes its way to iPad Pro


There’s more 2021 iPad Pro RAM than in any previous Apple tablet.
Apple wants to keep its iPad line hot coming out of the pandemic.
Photo: Apple

Apple is planning some exciting new additions for its iPad line. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to bring wireless charging to the iPad Pro, along with the first iPad mini redesign in six years.

The wireless charging iPad will supposedly debut in 2022. The redesigned iPad mini — complete with narrower bezels and possible removed Home button — will meanwhile arrive later this year.

Pick up 4 sleek, versatile charging accessories now on sale


Chargin Sale Main
Save on a whole range of charging gear, from wireless hubs to laptop-ready backup batteries and more.
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More devices means more trouble keeping everything charged. These four Mac and iPhone accessories will give you all the power you need, no matter your situation (assuming you’re not a supervillain hell-bent on world destruction).

Wirelessly charge your iPhone and declutter your desk all at once


Qi Charging Desk Stand
This combination case and wireless charging stand makes for quick, convenient charging and less clutter.
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Qi wireless charging makes topping off an iPhone as easy as setting it down on the table. It’s quick and simple, but there are ways to get better use out of your phone while it charges. With this combination case and stand, you can declutter your desk at the same time.