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See past weather on your iPhone


Is It Actually Getting Hotter?
See yesterday's weather or if it's unusually hot this season.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

In iOS 17, you can see past weather on your iPhone in the Apple Weather app. It shows all kinds of detailed weather data — not just temperature and rain, but wind, humidity, visibility, pressure and more.

You also can easily see how that info compares to the average weather data to see if this is an unusually heavy winter or a particularly hot summer. Apple Weather even shows you details on the phase of the moon, all in iOS 17.

Here’s how it works.

Apple offers 2 fixes for watchOS 10 Weather complication bug


Instead of seeing the Weather complication with data shown at upper left above, folks are seeing
Instead of seeing the Weather complication with data shown at upper left above, folks are seeing "--".
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

Apple suggested two ways Wednesday to fix the Weather complication bug that some Apple Watch users started seeing after upgrading to watchOS 10.

Affected wearables surface a blank reading on the screen rather than weather data, forcing users to click on the Weather app to get the information.

Dark Sky is gone, but you can re-create its weather magic


Get The Best Weather App Back
Ceci n'est pas une Dark Sky.
Image: jerry van mouseling/Wikimedia Commons and D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

After Apple killed Dark Sky on January 1, many fans found themselves lamenting the loss of the groundbreaking weather app that offered hyperlocal forecasts. Luckily, you can re-create Dark Sky’s main features using a competing app called Carrot Weather. Alternatively, you can quickly tweak Apple’s built-in Weather app so it acts more like Dark Sky.

Let me show you how to enjoy Dark Sky’s beautiful user interface, and its uncannily accurate weather alerts, using other weather apps.

10 new iOS 16.2 features to try right away


Try out these 10 new iOS 16.2 features on your iPhone ASAP.
Try out these 10 new iOS 16.2 features on your iPhone ASAP.
Image: Cult of Mac

iOS 16.2, which Apple released Tuesday, brings many new features that make it a must-have update for all iPhone owners. From security advancements and productivity boosters to cosmetic tweaks and other fun stuff, it’s positively loaded with upgrades.

Here are the top new iOS 16.2 features you should try right now. (Note: Many of these features also appear in iPadOS 16.2, which Apple also released today.)

Apple News will be shoved into the Weather app


News in the Weather app.
If you're in the right city, and the weather is notable enough, and you're on the 16.2 beta, and all the stars are aligned, you just might see the News section of the Weather app.
Image: Dmitry Makeev, CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons and D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Apple’s Weather app for iPhone, iPad and Mac soon will incorporate local news sourced from the Apple News service.

In the latest beta of iOS 16.2, certain cities have an additional section for weather news, slotted between the 10-day forecast and the air quality meter. On iPadOS and macOS Ventura, this section occupies an even larger widget in the corner.

Hands-on: All iPads get these great new iPadOS 16 features


Hands-on: All iPads get these great new iPadOS 16 features
Improved Files and Mail apps are just a couple of the great new iPadOS 16 features coming to non-M1 iPads.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

There’s more to iPadOS 16 than floating app windows. The Files app gets some significant improvements in the upcoming upgrade. There’s a Weather app and great new features in the Mail and Messages apps. Plus, you can hand off a FaceTime call between your Apple computers.

These enhancements are available to every iPad that supports iPadOS 16, which is currently in developer beta. So don’t think there’s nothing coming this fall for tablets without an Apple M1 processor. That’s just not true.

How to view conditions maps in the updated Weather app in iOS 15


The image at far right shows the Precipitation map. You can see the stacked-squares icon on it at upper right.
The image at far right shows the Precipitation map. You can see the stacked-squares icon on it at upper right.
Photo: Apple

Among the cool updates iOS 15 brought in September is an upgraded Weather app with some interesting and useful features. One of those is a new Precipitation map that’ll show you exactly where it is, and will be, raining (or snowing or sleeting) in your area — or anywhere.

You can also view Temperature and Air Quality maps in the same way. We’ll show you how.

Apple’s iPhone Weather app is hilariously prudish


Apple’s iPhone Weather app is hilariously prudish
Apple’s Weather app never gets to have any fun.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

You can be certain it’s never 69 degrees in Cupertino. Never. In what might be a somewhat amazing level of prudishness, Apple’s default iPhone Weather app reportedly will not indicate that the temperature is one degree warmer than 68.

Gorgeous concept integrates Dark Sky into Apple’s Weather app


The iPhone's Weather app could use a big upgrade.
Photo: Parker Ortolani

Apple shocked us with its acquisition of the Dark Sky weather app and dev team yesterday leading many fans to wonder how the app and its tech will be integrated into iOS in the future. And thanks to Parker Ortolani’s quick Apple Weather concept, we already have a good idea of what that could look like.

It will likely take months or even a year for Dark Sky to be integrated into the iOS weather app, but Ortolani’s concept shows how the acquisition could dramatically alter the app’s UI. New elements like a Map Radar view and precise rain notifications could turn the weather app from an after-thought into a crucial tool for everyone.

Take a closer look at some of the features:

5 stock iOS widgets to keep your day on track


iOS 10 Widgets
If you're not using iOS widgets yet, it's time to get started.
Photo: Apple

iOS widgets can put loads of useful data at your fingertips. A simple swipe to the right on your iPhone’s Home screen brings up the Today view, where widgets give you a quick glance at info pulled from your favorite apps.

If you’re using iOS 10 and you’ve never taken the time to customize your widgets list, you’re missing out. Here’s how to set up iOS widgets and keep your day on track.

Jony Ive was ‘tormented’ with jealousy over Yahoo’s beautiful weather app


Photo: AddictiveTips
Jony Ive's jealousy over Yahoo weather app yielded a startling imitation. Photo: AddictiveTips

One of the first projects Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer oversaw as CEO was the Yahoo Weather app. The app was so well received that it even ended up receiving a coveted Apple Design Award in 2013.

Apple also redesigned its stock Weather app to look just like it in iOS 7.

It turns out that it wasn’t a coincidence the two apps looked so similar. Jony Ive was “tormented” with jealously of Yahoo Weather’s design.

Dark Sky is the best weather app for iOS 8



This morning I woke up and slide my finger down my iPhone’s lockscreen to see the weather. With a single line of text, Dark Sky told me what it felt like outside and that it would be overcast for at least the next hour. No need for sunglasses then.

There are a lot of weather apps out there to choose from, and I’ve tried a lot of them. But in terms of features, design, and actual usefulness, none comes close to being as good as Dark Sky.

Get All The Weather Details You Need In iOS 7’s Weather App [iOS Tips]


weather deets

The new iOS 7 Weather app, taking a cue from the gorgeously designed Yahoo! Weather app that came out just before iOS 7 did, has all sorts of neat details and gestures to help you keep track of the meteorological realities around you.

If a list of all the cities you add to the Weather app and the extended 7-day forecast basics aren’t enough, there’s even more to find once you dig into the app a bit.

Here’s How To Fix Your iOS Weather App That Was Broken By The Evasion Jailbreak


Get all your weather info back in a snap.

If you took the plunge and jailbroke your iPhone yesterday, you may have noticed that the Weather app in iOS doesn’t really work anymore. Like, at all. When you try to open the app on iPhone it just crashes, and then crashes some more.

Evad3rs figured out that the jailbreak screws up some files like It’s not a big deal, and every jailbreak has its little quirks, but if you can’t wait for evad3rs to push their fix to Cydia you can fix the problem on your own manually.

Here’s how to do it: