Skype brings new screen sharing feature to Android and iOS


Skype screen sharing
Screen sharing can be useful for all kinds of things.
Photo: Microsoft

Skype’s new screen sharing feature is now officially available on Android and iOS.

The update makes it possible to share a view of your device’s screen over a Skype video call — and to see someone else’s. It’s great for collaborating with colleagues or helping friends troubleshoot a problem.

Lume Cube Air VC brings pro lighting to FaceTime calls


Lume cube
Lume Cube Air VC packs a ton of lumens in a small package.
Photo: Lume Cube

CES 2019 bug Lume Cube, makers of some of the world’s brightest tiny lights, wants to put an end to poorly-lit FaceTime calls with its clever new lighting attachment.

The Lume Cube Air VC lighting kit made its debut at CES 2019 today, offering smartphone and laptop users a single solution to brighten up any setting where you might want to have a quick video call.

How to record podcasts on iPad part II: The apps


The iPad has some amazing tools for recording podcasts.
The iPad has some amazing tools for recording podcasts.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

In part one of this series, we saw how to record remote podcasts using only iOS. It requires using your iPhone to place the FaceTime or Skype call, but you end up with a great result. That post covered the setup. Today, we’ll see how the recording and editing parts work, using AUM and Ferrite on the iPad.

How I record podcasts on iPad only


The iPad is more than capable of recording podcasts.
The iPad is more than capable of recording podcasts.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The iPad Pro is pro enough for almost anything, but one thing it still can’t manage is making a Skype (or FaceTime) call and recording it at the same time. This is actually the fault of Skype (and FaceTime), but is nonetheless a pain for anyone who travels and podcasts.

There’s a workaround, however. It requires that you use an iPhone and an iPad together. But seeing as how the alternative is carrying a MacBook, too, it’s a pretty good option. It’s also easy, once you get your head around the setup. And you don’t need to travel to use this setup. After some experimentation, this is now my default podcasting method.

Steam fights Discord with new Chat service, coming soon to iOS


Steam Chat
Steam just made it a lot easier to talk to your teammates.
Photo: Valve

Steam is taking the fight to Discord with a new Chat service that makes it easier to communicate with teammates.

Chat can be used for voice and text, negating the need for third-party services, and it’s (obviously) designed with gamers in mind. It’s also headed to iOS soon.


Skype for Web
Skype is the latest app to run into problems in China.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

You can now use Skype’s iOS app to send money to friends and family


Skype money
Skype's functionality has just expanded.
Photo: Skype

Thanks to PayPal integration, it’s now possible for users in 22 different countries to send money to friends and family using Skype’s iOS app.

The update not only improves Skype’s functionality, but also — due to the fact that Skype has been downloaded more than one billion times worldwide — greatly extends the possible reach of PayPal, too.