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Find live music with Shazam’s new Concerts feature


Shazam app
Now you can see live-music recommendations right in Apple's Shazam app.
Photo: Apple

Apple-owned music-identification app Shazam now lets users find live music through a new feature called Concerts, the company said Wednesday.

It surfaces shows in the iOS app’s My Music section based on a user’s Shazam history.

Just how ‘far out’ will Apple’s Sept. 7 event be? [The CultCast]


The CultCast podast: Are we going to get a big bang out of Apple's September 7 event?
Are we going to get a big bang out of Apple's September 7 event?
Image: Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: What does Apple’s star-studded September 7 event invite mean? Some of the speculation is pretty “far out,” but Erfon thinks he has the answer.

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After 20 years, what’s the most ‘Shazamed’ song of all time?


Shazam, owned by Apple since 2018, turned 20 on Friday.
Shazam, owned by Apple since 2018, turned 20 on Friday.
Photo: Apple

Apple bought the popular music-recognition app Shazam, which can name any song you hear, in 2018. Friday marks the app’s 20th birthday. And this week it officially surpassed 70 billion song recognitions, Cupertino said.

That’s a lot of people in bars wondering what the tune is.

Ever wonder what song is the most “Shazamed” of all time? Well, Apple provided that nugget and many other factoids, and referred to a lot of interesting music you may want to check out.

Apple’s Shazam app adds detailed concert and ticket info


Apple's Shazam app has added detailed concert and ticket notes to help artists.
Apple's Shazam app has added detailed concert and ticket notes to help artists.
Photo: Shazam

You may know the Shazam app, owned by Apple, for its ability to recognize songs and artists. But a new update to the app for iOS now also helps you “explore upcoming live music shows.” This comes from a Shazam integration with Bandsintown. Apple and Shazam said the new feature will help increase exposure for artists.

Shazam offers up to 5 months of free Apple Music


Apple acquisition meant that Shazam turned a profit in 2018
Sign up before January 31, 2022.
Photo: Apple

If you’re yet to try out Apple Music, now’s your chance. Shazam is offering five months of free and unlimited access to new subscribers who sign up before January 31, 2022. Some existing subscribers can get two months free.

You’ll need to use your iPhone (or an Android smartphone if that’s what you’re into) to redeem the offer.

Identify any song in an instant using Control Center [Pro tip]


Identify a song with Control Center
And follow along with real-time lyrics.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Control Center Pro Tips WeekWe want to help you master Control Center, one of the most powerful and underutilized features on Apple devices. Cult of Mac’s Control Center Pro Tips series will show you how to make the most of this useful toolbox on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

When you’re listening to a song you dig, but you have no idea of its name or the artist who recorded it, you can use Control Center on your iPhone or iPad to identify the track in an instant.

It’s the simplest way to invoke Shazam, the powerful music-recognition tool built into iOS, aside from asking Siri to name that tune (which you probably don’t want to do in certain situations). We’ll show you how.

Use Shazam on Dolly Parton’s 5 to 9 ad to get 5 free months of Apple Music


Listen to Dolly Parton in ‘5 to 9’ for 5 free months of Apple Music.
A new version of Dolly Parton’s 5 to 9 gets you an extra-long Apple Music trial.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple turned to country music legend Dolly Parton, Squarespace and the Super Bowl to promote Shazam and a new deal on Cupertino’s streaming music service.

You can use Shazam when listening to Parton’s just-released 5 to 9 advertisement to get five free months of Apple Music. That’s two months more than the usual offer.

Golden master means iOS 14.2 — with new emoji and Shazam — is almost here


The iOS 14.2 golden master, along with the iPadOS equivalent, is available to developers.
iOS 14.2 is almost here! It’ll bring loads of new emoji and Shazam integration.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple on Friday gave developers access to iOS 14.2 golden master, along with the iPadOS equivalent. This is the last step before releasing these new versions to the public.

When available to all, iOS 14.2 will offer plenty of fun new emoji, as well as Shazam music recognition integrated into the Control Center.

iOS 14.2 public beta integrates Shazam music recognition into iPhone [Updated]


Well, iOS 14.2 beta q didn’t take long
iPadOS 14 and the iPhone equivalent just went out, but Apple is already testing iPadOS 14.2.

Anyone can start testing iOS 14.2, along with the iPad equivalent, thanks to the new public betas released Monday by Apple.

The first developer beta of iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 went out Thursday, just a day after the full release of iOS 14. The most notable new feature in the new betas builds the Shazam music-recognition service into the Control Center.

It’s not clear what’s happening with iOS 14.1, but it isn’t part of Apple’s testing program for developers.

Apple Music finally available inside Shazam on Android


Grab the latest update to get started.
Photo: Android Police

Shazam is finally offering Apple Music integration on Android, almost two years after the music identification service was acquired by Apple.

Users have the ability to identify songs and enjoy full versions of them using their Apple Music subscription. The feature comes with a beta tag for now, but works just as you would expect.