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iPhone’s MagSafe poses low risk to people with implanted medical devices


How it works
According to the FDA, there’s little risk to implanted medical devices from magnets in phones and watches.
Photo: Apple

After Apple warned users of implanted medical devices to avoid iPhone 12 and MagSafe accessories, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration weighed in to say that the danger to pacemakers and defibrillators from magnets built into electronic devices is low.

Trick reveals all 102 hidden magnets in the 2018 iPad Pro


iPad Pro 2018 one week review
Magnets are one of the neatest features in the new iPad Pro -- even though you can't see them.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

One of the neatest features of the new 2018-era iPad Pro is something you can’t even see from outside. That’s the fact that it’s studded with 102 small magnets, which allow you to attach the Apple Pencil, stick it to the Smart Keyboard Folio, or even adhere it to your fridge door if you’re feeling brave.

But just how are the magnets distributed inside Apple’s next-gen tablet? Using some special magnet paper, tech vlogger Marques Brownlee found out.

Is the 2018 iPad Pro Smart Folio Cover really worth $99? [Review]


The Smart Folio Cover also eliminates the camera bump.
The Smart Folio Cover also eliminates the camera bump.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you buy a new iPad on launch day, and you want a cover or case, you’ll probably have to buy one from Apple. The first-party covers are great, but the prices are absurd. After using a Smart Cover on my old 1st-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro for a few years, I swore to myself that I’d wait it out this time, until good third-party cases went on sale, instead of wasting cash on a Smart Folio Cover.

But, after just a couple of hours with the new iPad Pro, I realized there was no way to carry it in my bag without a case. So I put it back in its box, walked to the Apple Store, and gave Apple another 120 euros (or $136 at current exchange rates). Was it worth it?

Yes, you can use the 2018 iPad Pro as a fridge magnet


You can attach iPad Pro to a refrigerator thanks to magnets. But don't try this at home.
Don’t try this at home. Or at the office. Or anywhere, really.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The new 2018 iPad Pro has a lot of magnets inside. There are around 90 of them on the back of it alone, just to stick it to the Smart Keyboard Folio or the ridiculously priced new Smart Folio cover, according to tests done by Pocket Lint. But those magnets are also great for sticking the iPad Pro to a refrigerator door like a giant fridge magnet.

Kahney’s Korner: Something’s missing from new MacBook – magnetic attraction


Leander Kahney likes Apple's use of magnets. So what happened with the new MacBook?
Leander Kahney likes Apple's use of magnets. So what happened with the new MacBook?
Photo: Cult of Mac

Leander is having a bit of a moment. One of his favorite features of Apple product design is missing on his shiny new MacBook.

Jony Ive, what have you done with the magnet?

You can commiserate with our Editor and Publisher over the loss of the magnet that secured the cable to the charging port in the latest Kahney’s Korner video.

ZooGue’s New Kickstand Case Uses Precious Magnets



Fact: If we keep consuming magnets at the current rate, the world’s magnet mines will run empty by the end of December this year. And yet this ecological disaster waiting to happen hasn’t stopped the likes of Tim Angel and his case company ZooGue from exploiting these “blood magnets” for his own ends.

The latest example is the Prodigy case, a fat, padded folio with an adjustable stand.

JustMount, A Magnetic Wall-Mount for Your iPhone [Kickstarter]



When I was a kid, magnets promised everything and delivered nothing. Wile E. Coyote’s scheme to feed the Road Runner iron filings and trap him with a giant horseshoe magnet mightn’t have work exactly as planned, but the magnet did at least drag any and every metal object in the vicinity into Mr. Coyote’s cave.

These days, magnets are as strong as the cartoons always promised. And they make things like Mesh’s JustMount possible.

NeoCover Magnetic Lightswitch Cover [Deal Ending]



“Any place with four walls and a door…” That’s how the creators of NeoCover describe the places that can use a NeoCover.

You’ve seen NeoCover around already. A simple idea, put ultra-strong rare earth magnets into a light switch faceplate. Then when you come home and need a place to hang your keys…fwap!…you stick your keys to the wall and there they are ready for you! Slick, simple, brilliant. Oh and on sale! Yep, we’ve got the NeoCover on sale right now in the Cult of Mac Deals.

Important: This item will only ship within the continental U.S.