Kahney’s Korner: Something’s missing from new MacBook – magnetic attraction


Leander Kahney likes Apple's use of magnets. So what happened with the new MacBook?
Leander Kahney likes Apple's use of magnets. So what happened with the new MacBook?
Photo: Cult of Mac

Leander is having a bit of a moment. One of his favorite features of Apple product design is missing on his shiny new MacBook.

Jony Ive, what have you done with the magnet?

You can commiserate with our Editor and Publisher over the loss of the magnet that secured the cable to the charging port in the latest Kahney’s Korner video.

ZooGue’s New Kickstand Case Uses Precious Magnets



Fact: If we keep consuming magnets at the current rate, the world’s magnet mines will run empty by the end of December this year. And yet this ecological disaster waiting to happen hasn’t stopped the likes of Tim Angel and his case company ZooGue from exploiting these “blood magnets” for his own ends.

The latest example is the Prodigy case, a fat, padded folio with an adjustable stand.

JustMount, A Magnetic Wall-Mount for Your iPhone [Kickstarter]



When I was a kid, magnets promised everything and delivered nothing. Wile E. Coyote’s scheme to feed the Road Runner iron filings and trap him with a giant horseshoe magnet mightn’t have work exactly as planned, but the magnet did at least drag any and every metal object in the vicinity into Mr. Coyote’s cave.

These days, magnets are as strong as the cartoons always promised. And they make things like Mesh’s JustMount possible.

NeoCover Magnetic Lightswitch Cover [Deal Ending]



“Any place with four walls and a door…” That’s how the creators of NeoCover describe the places that can use a NeoCover.

You’ve seen NeoCover around already. A simple idea, put ultra-strong rare earth magnets into a light switch faceplate. Then when you come home and need a place to hang your keys…fwap!…you stick your keys to the wall and there they are ready for you! Slick, simple, brilliant. Oh and on sale! Yep, we’ve got the NeoCover on sale right now in the Cult of Mac Deals.

Important: This item will only ship within the continental U.S.

The PixelSkin HD Wrap: An iPad Case That Ticks All The Right Boxes [Review]



The PixelSkin HD Wrap ($50) is an iPad (third-generation) case from Speck that promises to be “the perfect iPad folio case for anyone looking for lightweight protection, secure grip and pixelicious style.” It’s made from a flexible TPU that’s impressively robust, and provides full-body protection to your iPad with a number of nifty features.

Semi-Rigid MacBook Air Case Closes With Magnets


A case almost as slim as the computer within.

Magnets are a big part of almost all Apple’s products these days — the MagSafe power adapter, the iPad Smart Cover, the closures for all its notebooks and even holding the screen on the iMac.

So why not use magnets in cases? That’s the thinking behind Booq’s shiny new Viper Sleeve for the MacBook Air.