New iPad Case from Rokform Has More Mounting Options than The Kama Sutra



We’ve seen how fanatical the people at Rokform — an offshoot of Southern California-based motorcycle aftermarket outfit Two Brothers Racing — is about building the ultimate device case; back in 2011 we tested their aluminum Rokbed iPhone case and came away with the impression it was a hyper-engineered beauty.

For their new Roklock v3 iPad case, they’ve ditched the alloy in favor of polycarbonate and added more mounting options than…well, you read the headline.

The $69 iPad 2 / New iPad case comes with Rokform’s Remote Mounting System (or RMS), their modular mounting system that debuted earlier this year on their iPhone 4/S cases which allows their cases to be mounted on car dashboards, bicycle handlebars, etc. But the new Roklock iPad case also comes with six recessed slots that accommodate a set of non-slip rubber inserts to keep the iPad from slipping off a smooth surface, and can also accept a set of six rare-earth magnets to keep the iPad firmly attached to a fridge door, or similar. Be prepared to significantly increase outlay for the magnets though — the set sells for $29, turning the $69 case into an $88 $98 case. Ouch.




  • seelee

    Great headline!

  • Greg

    Best headline I’ve ever read.

  • calcp

    Agree that the price with magnets is an ouch. Just need to carry the ten in the addition… $98 case.

  • elimilchman

    Thanks for the catch, calcp. Unfortunately, most of our proofreading is done by fill-in NFL referees.

  • ChanLi

    ugly as hell