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Leap Motion Controller: 3-D motion control for your computer [Deals]



The Leap Motion Controller adds a whole new layer to your digital world, transforming the way you interact with your computer into a 3D interactive experience. That wide-open space between you and your computer is now your virtual canvas. Play, create and explore as you reach into another world without actually touching anything.

And right now Cult of Mac Deals has this revolutionary device for only $79.99. Plus, Leap Motion is offering a $20 credit free to their App Store with this promotion, so you can start exploring right out of the box!

7 Awesome Companies Apple Should Buy After Missing The Boat On Oculus


$1 trillion value
Apple is heading toward a $1 trillion market cap. But could Amazon get there first?
Photo: Pierre Marcel/Flickr CC

When Facebook snapped up virtual-reality company Oculus VR this week, it got us wondering what other interesting startups Apple might want to buy before Mark Zuckerberg can get his hands on them.

While Oculus is most well known for its Rift gaming headset, Zuckerberg sees a far more wide-ranging application for the company’s VR tech, envisioning it as a futuristic communications platform. “One day, we believe this kind of immersive, augmented reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people,” he said in his post about the acquisition.

That’s the kind of big thinking Steve Jobs brought to the table when he talked about the way the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad would change the way people interact with technology. While Apple rarely dips into its $150 billion cash hoard to buy other hardware firms, here are seven awesome companies whose technology could help Cupertino enhance and improve its existing devices — as well as build entirely new ones.

The New York Times Will Let You Use Gestures To Read The News With Leap Motion



Leap Motion is a futuristic, Minority Report-like desktop platform that uses physical gestures to interact with apps. The hardware controller has been delayed a couple times, but it is finally scheduled to ship alongside a dedicated app store on July 22nd.

All kinds of content creators are working on integrating Leap Motion into their apps, including The New York Times. The American publication will offer a “Top News” app for Leap Motion customers that uses hand gestures to browse and read articles.

Leap Motion Controller Availability Delayed, Won’t Be In Retail Stores Until July



The hardware controller for Leap Motion’s futuristic gesture tech was slated to arrive in stores on May 19th.  Now Leap Motion is having to delay its public release until July 27th. The reason for the delay is the need for more beta testing and integration with partners who will support the gesture-based platform.

In case you haven’t seen any of the demos, Leap Motion is incredibly cool. It allows you to control your Mac using Minority Report-style hand movements.  Developers have been testing and integrating Leap Motion with their apps, and the software will come with its own app store at launch.

Leap Motion Controller For Mac Will Hit Best Buy May 19th, Come With Its Own App Store



The Leap Motion controller could very well be the future of modern desktop computing. It could also just be a really cool invention that is too ahead of its time. We’ll find out in the near future. An exact shipping date has been announced.

After previously saying that it would ship in early 2013, the folks behind Leap Motion have confirmed that the device will start shipping on May 13th to customers who already pre-ordered online. Everyone will be able to pick the Leap Motion up in Best Buy stores around the country May 19th.

Clear For Mac Will Work With Futuristic Leap Motion Controller [Video]


Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.41.06 AM

Last summer we went hands-on with the Leap Motion, a futuristic controller for the Mac that lets you interact with OS X apps like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. It was a stunning experience, and it made the mouse and trackpad feel suddenly obsolete.

Developers have been flocking to the Leap platform since last year, and now Realmac Software has a big announcement to make.

The folks at Realmac have been testing the Leap Motion controller with their most popular app, Clear. The Mac version of the task manager will be fully compatible with the Leap Motion when it ships to the public.

Developers Are Flocking To Leap Motion To Revolutionize The Way We Interact With Our Macs


Leap Motion

Leap Motion‘s worldwide call for developers “to imagine and create the future” has resulted in a virtual stampede of interested parties applying for the Leap SDK, which will allow them to make apps using Leap Motion’s revolutionary 3D motion tracking technology.

Leap Motion is a San Francisco company developing the world’s most powerful and sensitive 3D motion-control and motion-sensing technology. Leap Motion’s first product, the Leap — featured with an exclusive hands-on video demonstration on Cult of Mac last month — will be available in early 2013. The Leap is the first product to let users navigate and interact with computer applications using natural hand and finger movements. Founded in 2010 by Michael Buckwald and David Holz (pictured), the company aims to revolutionize the way we interact with our computers.

Former Apple VP Andy Miller Joins Leap Motion To Revolutionize Your Mac



We’ve been drooling over the amazing power of Leap Motion’s powerful 3-D motion control software since we first got wind of it back in May. It’s the coolest way to interact with a computer since the invention of the mouse, and it looks like Leap Motion is bringing in some serious firepower to help get the company’s first product off the ground.

Former Apple VP, Andy Miller, has just been hired as Leap Motion’s COO and President. Miller left Apple in August of 2011 after working as Apple’s VP of Mobile Advertising since 2010 when his mobile advertising company, Quattro Wireless, was purchased by Cupertino. Hiring Miller gives Leap a significant figure who’s familiar with Silicon Valley and the challenges Leap will face when marketing their product against Microsoft’s Kinect controller.

The Leap 3D Motion Sensor Is Not A Kinect Killer, It’s Going To Kill Your Mouse Instead [Exclusive Hands-On]



There has been rather a lot of interest recently in the 3D motion sensing device Leap by San Franciscan company Leap Motion. While the company CTO was somewhat reluctant to talk about The Leap’s modus operandi / camera / sensor, he was more than happy to give Cult of Mac a demonstration of Leap in action. Watch the video here.