The Leap 3D Motion Sensor Is Not A Kinect Killer, It’s Going To Kill Your Mouse Instead [Exclusive Hands-On]



There has been rather a lot of interest recently in the 3D motion sensing device Leap by San Franciscan company Leap Motion. While the company CTO was somewhat reluctant to talk about The Leap’s modus operandi / camera / sensor, he was more than happy to give Cult of Mac a demonstration of Leap in action. Watch the video here.

We met David Holz of Leap Motion who demonstrated for the Cult of Mac TV crew the San Fran startup’s new Leap 3D motion sensing device. It’s been dubbed in various tech media as a “Kinect-killer,” but it’s really not. The new Leap is quite different to the large-field-of-view, whole-body Kinect, instead providing a rapidly responsive, meticulous fingertip sensitivity in a small, 4 cubic ft space in front of the computer screen.

I had a play with it and found myself easily splatting on-screen pineapples, lemons and grapefruit with intuitive finger motions. It works a treat.

Leap Motion company claims that The Leap is backward-compatible with any number of touch-screen applications and they hope to attract thousands of developers for future new apps employing the technology. And, David added, it works great with Mac!

Leap is a tiny box about the size of an iPod with small USB input. It will be available from next year for $70.

Just imagine what Apple could do with tech like this. Could we see a buy-out?

  • InternDom

    shut up and take my money.

  • MacHead84

    This thing looks pretty cool but what happens when you take your hand out of the “active” area. Doesnt it register that as a input movement, the pull back motion to remove your hand. That would make using this for navigation of browers n such annoying. Hopefully you can pull your hand away after navigating where you want to go and not have the window think you want it scrolled….

  • Chris Bozeman

    Could we see a buyout?  God, I hope not.

    If anyone buys them out, I hope it’ll be someone like Logitech, who will continue to market the device for all platforms.  If Apple buys them, they’ll restrict it just to the Mac.  If Microsoft buys them, they’ll charge hefty licensing fees.
  • AKahney

    It raises quite a few questions, such as scrolling is fine but how about clicking links etc? Tapping in thin air?

  • David Curiel Serret

    Oh, Lord. I hope there is NOT a buy out by Apple. Apple would soon claim is their “invention”, they will keep it from being compatible with anything else, and will make some i-whatever thingy, overprice it, and will put out a new “updated” version of it every 4 months. Making a big ridiculous fanfare every release, and long lines of silly fans will be outside their door every 4 months.
    Gosh I hate Apple!

  • allenkong

    hands so freaking tired, I need one hand to masturbate myself while using computer, sorry. Epic fail.

  • PKK

    @allenkong Think of it this way: you won’t get any jizz or lube on your mouse or keyboard while you’re searching for the right scene.

  • David Curiel Serret
  • Elliot Michael Lee

    Can they make a version that senses my hand resting on my desk to the side of my keyboard (exactly where my mouse currently is)? Then they could actually replace the mouse; I won’t have to learn anything new, I just use my computer the same as before, just without any physical mouse sitting there.