How to buy iPhone X without breaking the bank


iPhone X on its box
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iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive smartphone to date, with the cheapest 64GB model priced at $999, and the 256GB model priced at $1,149.

That’s $50 more than a 21-inch iMac. However, you don’t have to go hungry for the next few months to afford one. Here’s how to save money and get your hands on iPhone X without breaking the bank.

Apple Prime? Here’s why it might be a great idea


Would an Amazon Prime-style service work for Apple?
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Apple should take a note out of Jeff Bezos’ playbook and launch an Amazon Prime-style subscription service, claims an analyst for Goldman Sachs.

“We think Apple should launch a subscription bundle as a way to reinforce iPhone loyalty and leverage it into content,” Simona Jankowski writes in a new note to clients. In the brief, Jankowski and colleagues ponder the potential of a $50 monthly subscription that would get customers the latest iPhone plus other services like Apple TV, Apple Music and freemium access to the iTunes library.

Apple lets you trade in broken iPhones


Apple's new trade-in program won't discriminate against cracked iPhones.
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Apple is rolling out several new programs in its retail store locations that will give credit for iPhones with pretty severe damage, according to a report. The program will allow customers with a cracked screen, damaged buttons or damaged cameras to trade in their faulty device without issue. Apple previously wouldn’t accept this kind of damage in its Reuse and Recycle trade-in program.

Gene Munster admits he got Apple all wrong (again)


Apple is investigating battery issues for the iPhone 6s.
The iPhone Upgrade Program could be a monster hit for Apple.
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Hit-and-miss Apple analyst Gene Munster has admitted he couldn’t have been more wrong about the likely customer uptake of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, the $32+ per month scheme designed to get new iPhones into the hands of people happy to pay a monthly fee to Apple.

Apple doesn’t need glitz and glamour when it’s got the goods


Haters gonna hate, but we’re giving Apple’s latest product revelations a big thumbs up.
Haters gonna hate, but we’re giving Apple’s latest product revelations a big thumbs up.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Wow. That was a big deal. For a mere “s” upgrade, Apple went way above and beyond with today’s big product showcase. Three major product lines have been not just upgraded, but reinvented, and finally there’s a reason to buy the one that has been languishing — the Apple TV, which is now a gaming console as well as an entertainment center.

Maybe I’ve drunk too much Kool-Aid, but I thought this morning’s presentation was one for the history books.

Apple’s new upgrade program will keep you addicted to iPhone


The iPhone Upgrade Plan lets you have an iPhone forever.
The iPhone Upgrade Plan lets you have an iPhone forever.
Photo: Apple

Apple is planning to make it easier than ever to stay addicted to the iPhone with the introduction of its new iPhone Upgrade Program that will allow fans to upgrade to a new device every single year.

Phil Schiller announced the new program on stage at Apple’s keynote today, revealing that pricing for the iPhone Upgrade Program starts at $32 per month, which is slightly more expensive than what you can get at a carrier, but it comes with some extra benefits too.