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FaceTime humor amid coronavirus is the laugh we all need


FaceTime coronavirus
FaceTime has been handy but is no replacement for face-to-face time.
Screenshot: Eva Victor/Twitter

With COVID-19 lockdowns walling us off from friends and family, the FaceTime feature on iPhones and iPads is saving our social lives.

But glitchy audio and periodic freezing of the video stream add to our mounting self-isolation frustration.

Annoying iOS 12 update notification makes its musical debut


iOS 12 false update popup
Grab the new iOS update now!
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

For about 18 hours, iOS 12 beta testers were incessantly prompted to update to a new version of Apple’s upcoming software . Unfortunately, most found that no such update existed. The prompts, which appeared at every unlock of a users device sparked frustration, but also became fodder for musician and jingle creator Jonathan Mann.

This ‘revolutionary’ iPhone case only costs a buck


$1 case
Moment founder Marc Barros at the big reveal.
Photo: Moment/YouTube

Apple rolled out three new iPhones Tuesday that will excite mobile photographers. One day later, smartphone lens maker Moment debuted three new products that “take everything amazing about your new camera phone and make it worse.”

Poking fun at iPhone prices and the hyped spectacle of Apple product launches, Moment released a “live event” to introduce the “world’s first” $1 case, $2 waterproof case and $3 wireless charging case. Moment kept its price point in single digits because of a ground-breaking material used to create the cases – cheap cardboard that comes in one color, dirt brown.

This guy used a face-swapping app to sing every part in ‘We Are the World’


Hello? Is it me you're looking for?
Hello? Is it me you're looking for?
Photo: Prosthetic Knowledge

Do you know FaceSwap Live? It’s this wonderfully grotesque app created by Laan Labs that lets you switch faces with anyone using your iPhone camera.

There’s all sorts of awesomely surreal uses for the app, but I don’t know a better one than what Rhett LeCompte did: He used FaceSwap Live to sing every single part in the 1985 supergroup classic, “We Are the World.”

5 things to do with your obsolete Apple TV


It isn't going to control itself. Well, not before The Singularity, anyway.
Even with an improved Apple TV coming this fall, your current set-top box won't be totally useless.
Photo: Apple

Editor’s note: This is a humor piece. If you are looking for legitimate uses for your old Apple TV, you might want to read this article instead: “9 practical uses for your obsolete Apple TV.”

All rumors and speculation point to a brand new model of the Apple TV – and it’s about time. It should be complete with better hardware and finally its own App Store.

You might be hoping for a software update that will bring the App Store to your current Apple TV, but it’s not likely. Apple could pretty easily claim that older models don’t have the hardware to support it. You’re probably thinking your current set-top box will soon be totally obsolete, but if that’s your mentality, fear not. Here are five things you can do with your Apple TV when it becomes old news in September.

Jimmy Kimmel mocks Apple in ‘Just Give Us Your Money’ ad


Jimmy Kimmel Live Apple
Apple has a bold new program, according to Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Apple has no shortage of products and gadgets to show off lately. The company recently released the Apple Watch, its music streaming platform came out this week, and we’re closing in on the reveal of the next iPhone.

But late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has a line on another daring product from Apple, and he revealed it in a bit on his show on Tuesday. It involves customers just giving Apple money for no real reason.

You can check out the full gag in the video below.

The Wankband aims to be the Apple Watch of masturbation



Every wearable maker out there right now is trying to figure out how they’re going to compete with the Apple Watch once it lands. Leave it to adult website Pornhub to actually figure it out: It’s just unveiled a tongue-in-cheek concept for a wearable band that would allow you to charge your other gadgets using the power of masturbation.

Captain America Doesn’t “Get” The Moon Landing, Nirvana And Steve Jobs [Humor]



In the Marvel universe, Captain America is a World War II era super soldier who happens to get frozen in ice, only to dethaw in modern times. As such, there’s a lot he’s missed out on, and in the latest Captain America film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we get a quick list of Captain America’s notebook, tracking the things he doesn’t “get.”

Lo and behold, Steve Jobs and Apple made the list, alongside Nirvana, Rocky, Thai Food, the moon landing, and — inexplicably — I Love Lucy.

Via: Reddit