This Hysterical Video Reveals Jony Ive's Real iOS 7 Inspiration [Video] | Cult of Mac

This Hysterical Video Reveals Jony Ive’s Real iOS 7 Inspiration [Video]


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Where does Jony Ive get his inspiration? We’ve been asking that question for years, and while genius plays a part in it, like the best designers, Ive is profoundly influenced by the world around him.

The same is true with iOS 7. Ive’s new design might look radical with its bright colors and palette of pastels, but it is inspired by a color pattern that naturally occurs in the environs of Cupertino, and likely inside your own home. What is this inspiration? It might surprise you.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist the build-up. A fantastic gag by Vimeo’s Max Wohlieber. I laughed hard, did you?

Source: Vimeo