The Backstreet Boys Immortalize Crazy Lady’s Epic Apple Store Meltdown [Video]


Remember that lady who lost her frickin’ mind in the Apple Store over being told she needed to get an appointment? Jimmy Kimmel asked The Backstreet Boys — looking these days like what they call “rough trade” — to immortalize her immortal Vine loop, which you can see below.

I always felt sorry for the unidentified woman. Sure, her public hissy fit was hilarious, but all of us have felt that surge of panicked exasperation at the Genius Bar, as the crowds crush down on you and an Apple Store Genius calmly explains in various Apple-approved keywords exactly how they’ll be voiding your warranty today.

Did she crap the bed? Sure. But a couple years ago, I actually defenestrated someone in the Apple Store. I’m just lucky I did it before Vine. Still, one imagines that as embarrassing as the whole incident is for her, having the Backstreet Boys act as the Greek chorus to her meltdown is a pretty awesome outcome.